7 Tips for travelling on a budget

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard someone say that travelling is expensive I’d have enough money to no longer travel on a budget. The following is a list I’ve compiled of 7 ways you can save money and travel on a budget.

1. Plan your adventure

Travelling on a whim is always exciting however planning in advance and looking for deals before you get to your destination is a great way to save money. If you have no specific date you need to go you can look on skyscanner for the best available flight deals and plan your trip around that.

When it comes to planning accommodation sites such as hostelworld or airbnb can be used in order to receive the best deals possible rather than leaving it last minute and booking it while you’re there. Or an even cheaper option brings us to our next tip.

2. Look for a host

There are plenty of applications and websites out there that will help you find accommodation free of charge. Probably the most renowned website to this day is couchsurfing.

Hosts offer up their couch for free enabling guests to save money on accommodation which is one of the biggest prices to consider when travelling the world. There are many other alternatives to couchsurfing out there and these will serve as good options for budgeting.

3. Pick your time

Try not to travel during school holidays as this is when the tourism industry cranks its prices to cash in on the families travelling during this time.

Do a bit of research and pick the best time to visit which is usually the shoulder season. During these times airlines will also have deals on their prices so there are savings to be had all round.

4. Work while you travel

This may be a no brainer but if you want to stay away for longer look in to how you can work while travelling. When I first went travelling I had little to no money but I got myself a working visa and got a job in a bar in London.

This allowed me to work and take time off where I could travel all through Europe. We’re now entering a world of digital nomads so why not even consider starting your own website and making money while you travel.

5. Use public transport

It goes with out saying that trains or buses are cheaper than flying or getting a taxi / uber. I’ve spend 17 hours on a train in Romania rather than 2 hours on a flight in order to save $50. It may not sound like much but at the time $50 was enough to pay for my accommodation for a week.

These are the sacrifices you need to make in order to travel on a budget. The best part about making these sacrifices is that you’ll meet more people and have a better experience.

6. Don’t spend money on stupid things

As summed up by the initial meme spending money on things that aren’t necessary is definitely a good way to save money so you can travel longer.

I know it’s desirable to go out and eat at the best restaurants and drink at the best clubs but try not to do it all the time. Get your food from the supermarket as you would at home. Likewise when it comes to going out and exploring the nightlife drink before you go out.

7. Ask for advice

If you’re on a budget don’t be afraid to ask people who’ve walked the path before you for their advice. Backpackr is a perfect example of a place for you to meet likeminded people who are travelling to the same places as you for advice.

Considering some traveller’s are already there, they’ll be the next best thing to a local. Seeking the answers to the cheapest places to drink, eat and stay will be easy to find.

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