The Best Hostels in Mexico For Party Animals

So you’ve heard Mexico is a good place to party with lots of nightlife, but you’re not sure which city or beach town to stay, or more specifically which hostel to stay at if you want to party? No worries, we’ll help you find the best hostels in Mexico for partying.

Best Nightlife in Mexico

Mexico is full of amazing nightlife and in our opinion is one of the best up and coming destinations in the world if you want to party. While you can’t narrow Mexico down to just a simple list of “best party towns”, we’ll help you out with the top 5.

Playa Del Carmen

Full of amazing day clubs on the beach, the famous “quinta avenida” walking street and tons of notorious nightclubs open until the early hours of the morning, Playa Del Carmen is one of the premier party spots in Mexico.

Mexico City

Featuring world-class cocktails bars, nightclubs, rooftop bars – the biggest city in North America has some of the best nightlife in the world.


Now one of the most popular destinations in Mexico, thanks due to the pandemic and Instagram influencers, Tulum has some of the best nightlife in Mexico with amazing raves, nightclubs and beach parties.

Now that we have some of the top party destinations in Mexico covered, let’s take a look at some of the best hostels in Mexico for parties, nightlife and socializing.

Puerta Vieja – San Cristobal De Las Casas

Set in the heart of the magical town of San Cristobal in Chiapas, Puerta Vieja is definitely the place you want to be if you’re looking to party in San Cristobal. Not only is it incredibly cheap at around $8 for a dorm, it includes breakfast, dinner and free cocktails on two nights of the week!

HOstel Mundo Joven – Mexico City

With an epic terrace overlooking the Zocalo and cathedral, this hostel in the middle of the historic center is a great place meet other travellers and have a night out in town. There’s also a public bar on top called Terraza Catedral with spectacular views and parties on the weekend., making it one of the best hostels in Mexico City.

A view from the Terraza Catedral

Straw Hat Hostel – Tulum

Tulum has a plethora of great places to stay but with a crazy, wild bar welcoming guests outside of the hostel, Straw Hat Hostel is our personal favorite.

The hostel offers different events and party games every night, cheap drinks, a rooftop pool, and half-naked women, this hostel may be one of the best party hostels in Mexico hands down.

Best hostels in Mexico

Mayan Monkey – Cancun

Located right in the hotel zone of Cancun, and just minutes away from the beach, this modern hostel with lots of facilities also has a popular bar packed with guests and visitors every night, so there’ll be no shortage of meeting other backpackers and partying with them all night.

Che Hostel – Playa Del Carmen

Not far from the Quinta Avenida walking street, Che Hostel has an awesome rooftop bar and pool, where they feature awesome drinking games, parties and events each night. Visitors are welcome to join the awesome parties here.

Vivo Escondido – Puerto Escondido

Just 5 minutes in a Puerto Escondido taxi from the popular Playa Carrizalillo beach, this is the perfect hostel in Puerto Escondido to meet new friends, work remotely with high speed internet, and play drinking games!

Casa Kraken – Puerto Vallarta

With only dorms available in this beach hostel, it forces you and others to be friendly and meet each other. It’s an excellent place for partying, or even just relaxing by the beach if you don’t feel up to it. There is no curfew here, and they have drinking games every night, including pub crawls out on the town.

Tribu Hostel – Holbox

Just a stone’s throw away from the beautiful white sandy beaches of Holbox, and only minutes from the center, this hostel is perfect if you just want to chill with other backpackers, or party the night away. Featuring events every night such as salsa classes, quiz night and of course – drinking games!

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