6 great alternatives to couchsurfing

Since implementing a paywall and locking out millions of users in 2020 many members have been looking to alternatives to couchsurfing. The following is a list of some great alternatives that have always been out there but are now receiving more attention.

1. BeWelcome

Founded in 2007 BeWelcome is registered in France as a non-profit organization. They have over 167,000 members and it is a great couchsurfing free alternative. The website is supported via voluntary donations. They have over 22,000 positive comments and are used all around the world. 

2. Airbnb 

Founded in 2008 and well known all around the globe it may come as no surprise that Airbnb is on this list. Although it is not a free alternative, accommodation can be found on Airbnb for little to nothing depending on the country you are visiting. Safety is a big factor so guests can take comfort knowing that the hosts have been properly verified.

3. Backpackr

It would be hard not to give a shameless self plug here. Backpackr is free and used in over 150 countries with a user base upwards of 150,000.  With a focus on safety and community, most users will find the site pretty easy to use. The search function allows you to filter who you want to meet based on their gender, location, availability and more. 

4. Trustroots

Created in 2015, Trustroots is a UK registered non-profit organisation. They have approximately 65,000 members and received a big boost when couchsurfing implemented their paywall. Their manifesto ‘We want a world that encourages trust, adventure and intercultural connections’ sums up exactly what the site is all about.

5. Host a sister

Host a sister is a facebook group that is aimed at female travellers. Users can offer up their homes for free as part of a cultural exchange. Any females over the age of 18 can join. In addition to hosting they have a large focus on meetups as well. This is a great free alternative and is great if you don’t want to sign up for a website outside of facebook.

6. Gogaffl 

Gogaffl is both a website and an app that’s aim is to connect travellers. It is used in over 170 countries around the world and is available on the app and google play store. With an aim to connect travellers they have many similar features as couchsurfing with the ability to create meetups and much more.

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