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  • We know travel insurance is the last thing on your mind, so we’ve listed the most popular company among backpackers to save you time.

Do I really need to pay for this crap?

Every time I hear the word insurance it makes me cringe. Sorry what? How many beers am I sacrificing to pay for this shit? I can’t stand paying for something that’s not going to bring me joy or excitement but, unfortunately you do need it. If you break your leg in a foreign country without insurance, you’ll be sacrificing beers for the next twenty years of your life.

Why Backpackr has partnered with World Nomads

We know backpackers are cheap, and so is World Nomads. We never actually knew what the best insurance company was but after doing some deep research for you we’ve found it to be the best for value and most popular among backpackers.

The boring stuff you should read (but probably won’t)

I know reading through your policy is boring (believe me I’m bored even thinking about it) but it’s pretty important for you to know how you’re covered. A few things to consider.

  • Medical Insurance

    If there’s a sign that warns you that there’s crocodiles and you go for a swim anyway I it’s pretty safe to say that it isn’t covered, as it is classified as putting yourself in a needless risk situation. If you get in an accident and seriously injured, you need to make sure your expenses are covered.

  • Sporting Injuries

    We’re sure you’re awesome at everything you do but before going too crazy make sure will cover you if you need to be helicoptered to a hospital. Last I checked private flights aren’t cheap.

  • Contents Insurance

    There’s a lot of cool people in the world but there’s also a lot of assholes. Check policy for what personal items are covered if someone was to ‘borrow and never return’ them. Many policies also have conditions that apply to high value items so be aware of any exclusions that might apply. Other solution? Leave your most prized possessions at home.

  • Delay and Cancellation

    If for some reason, there’s an ash cloud above Bali and your trip is ruined you want to see how your policy will compensate you.

Backpackr is all about travel and having the best time you can. If things go wrong and you don’t want to have to deal with it nor do we. Let World Nomads do it for you. Get started with a quote above and read everything carefully to make sure it suits your plans.

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