What does Backpackr do?

Backpackr shows you travellers near your current location, regardless of where you are in the world. You can view their profile, message them and travel with them. There is also a feature that matches you with other users that have the same travel plans. Backpackr’s can post anything they want in the common room feature, as well as each receiving their own "virtual passport".

Who’s it for?

The Solo Traveller

Whether you are a male or female this app is perfect for you. Find people who want to drink, travel, party, sight-see, shop or do anything else that you may want. We are aware that girls might not like the idea of having random guys message them so it is easy for you to set your account so that only girls can find you. If you want nobody to find you apart from friends that is also easy to adjust.

Those travelling in a group

Travelling with friends is great but you may find that you don’t always meet as many people. Maybe those you’re a travelling with don’t want to do anything you want. How about you take a break from them and meet some other people! You might even find that you like the people meet better. Who knows?


Why does your journey have to end when you get home? Keep this app with you at all times and keep your love for backpacking alive forever. Find backpackers who are in your home town, message them and show them how to ‘do’ your city properly. I don’t know about you but I get bored of hanging around the same people in my city but with this app that will be no more.

How much is Backpackr?

We know how cheap backpackers are and since we are backpackers ourselves it’s free unless you’re American…. Just kidding it’s free for everyone.

What platforms is it available on?

Backpackr is available on both iOS and Android. If you use a different device we can’t afford to make a different version of the app for you, sorry.

Can I sign in with Facebook?

Yes, you can sign in using Facebook. We will never post on your wall or spam your friends list because everyone hates that shit.

Can people see my location?

Backpackr is a location based app which allows you to find other nearby users. That being said we will never reveal your exact location. If you want to turn your location off it’s an option in the settings.

Once I get a stamp in my passport from a country, can I get it again?

No. Only one stamp per country/city

What about all the countries I've travelled to before this app was available?

Sorry, you will have to travel there again… or not, it’s easy to add your old countries to your virtual passport.