6 Awesome things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to. The architecture and beauty of the city is something that needs to be seen and experienced first hand to truly understand and appreciate. There are pub crawls that are great for meeting new people to enjoy exploring the city with. Regardless of your travel desires there is something here for everyone.

1. Sagrada Família

Sagrada Família is one of the most renowned pieces of architecture that Barcelona has to offer. A trip would not be justified without appreciating the history and masterpiece that was the works of Antoni Guadi.

Construction on this marvel is still not complete all these years later after being interrupted by the Spanish Civil War and revolutionaries setting fire to it in 1936 which destroyed the original plans and models leading to a 16 year delay.

2. Casa Batlló

Also designed Antoni Guadi Caso Batlló is considered one of his masterpieces. The local name, House of Bones is derived from it’s skeletal structure. It was a remodel of an old house that was redesigned in 1904 having been altered multiple times since.

3. Visit Marina Port Vell

Barcelona hosts one of the largest superyacht marina’s in the world. With over 150 berths for yachts up to an incredible 190 metres in length. Though getting up close and personal to these yachts is incredibly difficult, marvelling the marina and yachts from afar is still an incredible site to behold.

4. Barcelona Beaches

The beachfront boardwalk is definitely a must do in Barcelona. To get from one end to the other takes approximately an hour and is a nice way to explore the city on foot. From the most touristy stretch at Barceloneta beach to the more peaceful option Nova Icària there is an option for pretty much everyone.

5. Park Güell

This is one for the photographer’s that are in Barcelona. The park offers incredible views with gorgeous colours that capture the wandering eye.

6. Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

Located on the summit of Mount Tibidabo it truly is a site to behold. Although the trip there takes some effort to get to it is definitely worth it. I’d highly recommend being around at sunset as it definitely adds to the ambience. This marvel is the work of the Spanish architect Enric Sagnier and was completed by his son.

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