The Best Hostels In Cairns

Welcome to our guide on the best hostels in Cairns! If you’re planning a trip to this tropical city in Queensland, Australia, finding the right hostel can make all the difference.

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide which hostel is right for you. Fortunately, we’ve done the research and compiled a list of the top hostels in Cairns, so you can focus on enjoying your trip instead of worrying about where to stay.

From lively party hostels to peaceful retreats, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive into our recommendations and find your perfect home away from home in Cairns!

Traveller’s Oasis

Traveler’s Oasis stands out as a unique hostel experience in Cairns due to its recent recognition by Hostel World’s “Hoscar” as the best hostel in Australia for five consecutive years. The well-deserved recognition is a testament to the high standards of quality and comfort that the hostel offers to travelers.

What makes Traveler’s Oasis an exceptional place to stay is its perfect balance between a quiet, peaceful refuge and a great socializing spot for meeting other travelers from around the world.

The hostel boasts a beautiful outdoor pool, lush greenery, and several comfortable hammocks that make it a haven from the city’s excitement. The hostel also provides ample common spaces for socializing, including the fully equipped kitchens, where travelers can save on restaurant costs by cooking their meals, and the outdoor barbecue area. Besides, the hostel offers discounted meals at its restaurant and drink vouchers, making it a great choice for budget-conscious backpackers.

Traveler’s Oasis is decorated with lively colors and clean, comfortable rooms, including dorms and private bedrooms. The hostel provides plenty of free entertainment, with a book exchange shelf, and over 1500 movies available to watch on the common TV or the TV in each private bedroom.

Located a short walk from the city center and just a few blocks away from the ocean, Traveler’s Oasis offers convenient access to all sorts of shops, restaurants, and nightlife, making it an excellent choice for any traveler visiting Cairns.

Mad Monkey Backpackers Waterfront

At Mad Monkey Backpackers Waterfront, the atmosphere is always buzzing with energy and excitement. The hostel has truly mastered the art of creating an environment that fosters socializing, making it nearly impossible not to make new friends. With a fully stocked bar and a refreshing pool right on-site, guests can mingle and sip on refreshing cocktails in the beautiful Cairns sun.

The management at Mad Monkey goes above and beyond to ensure guests have an unforgettable experience, with daily group events and activities that keep the good times rolling all day long. The hostel also boasts a communal barbecue area, a cinema and a gaming room stocked with board games, movies, and even a PlayStation.

But that’s not all! Guests have access to a fully equipped communal kitchen, free bike rentals, free local gym access (including classes), and even a free hot breakfast to start the day off right. As the sun sets, travelers can head out with newfound friends to explore the high-class bars and restaurants just step away from the hostel’s front door.

Mad Monkey offers a variety of room types, from USB-equipped bunk bed dorms to deluxe private bedrooms, each with top-quality mattresses and fresh, crisp linens. And to top it all off, the entire hostel is air-conditioned, ensuring that guests stay comfortable throughout their stay.

It’s no surprise that Mad Monkey Backpackers Waterfront has earned rave reviews from travelers around the world. With an unmatched atmosphere, exceptional staff, and top-notch amenities, this hostel is a must-stay destination in Cairns.

Gilligan’s Cairns

Gilligan’s Backpacker Hotel – a paradise for backpackers looking for a high-energy resort experience without the high price tag. This sprawling, multi-floor hotel is equipped with everything you could want on your backpacking journey. A sparkling pool, several on-site bars, and even nightclubs where big-name international DJs occasionally play, ensure that you’ll have the time of your life here.

But Gilligan’s is not just about partying, it offers a wide range of amenities that cater to backpackers, including a free gym and powder room, free airport pick-up, free breakfast, nightly entertainment, and a social hour with free giveaways that is perfect for meeting new people. The hostel offers both private suites and dorm-style rooms that are comfortable, affordable, and clean.

Located right in the heart of the city, Gilligan’s is surrounded by Cairns’ best nightlife, so you’ll never have to go far for a good time. And for those looking for work, there’s a “job club” on the property with a tour company that provides professional advice on finding work while traveling in Australia. Gilligan’s website also features a job board with plenty of backpacker-friendly positions available.

Get ready to experience a lively, party atmosphere, and make memories that will last a lifetime at Gilligan’s Backpacker Hotel.

Bounce Hostel Cairns

Bounce, is the ultimate party resort hostel designed for the budget-conscious backpacker who wants to experience the best of Cairns’ vibrant nightlife scene. With an entertainment team dedicated to organizing daily and nightly events, you can expect an unforgettable experience here. This team knows the city inside out and will show you the hottest backpacker bars at the best prices.

Located in the heart of the city, Bounce has a wide range of facilities to make your stay comfortable and fun. The hostel features a beautiful pool and outdoor bar where you can enjoy cheap drinks while basking in the sun. Each room is air-conditioned and there is a barbecue available for guests to use. Additionally, a delicious hot breakfast is served daily to kick-start your day.

Bounce offers budget dorm accommodation, but guests can also opt for luxurious private rooms at slightly higher prices. These rooms come equipped with their own bathroom, hardwood floors, and a flat-screen TV.

Highlights of the hostel include the beautiful private rooms, daily organized events, and cheap food and drinks. With guests raving about the hostel’s convenient location, tasty breakfast, and excellent hosts at reception, you’re sure to have an amazing time at Bounce.

Mad Monkey Central

The hostel is operated by the same team as Mad Monkey Backpackers Waterfront and is located in the center of downtown Cairns, next to all of the nightlife. It has a hip and fun atmosphere, with a focus on community, much like its sister hostel. The hostel is known for its “family atmosphere” and it is easy to make friends there. The Mad Monkey entertainment team leads guests to the best bars for backpackers in Cairns at night.

The hostel’s bedrooms were recently renovated with modern equipment in the communal kitchen and new furniture in the rooms. It also features an outdoor pool and bar, and a gourmet pizza restaurant on site.

The hostel’s highlights include a gourmet pizza restaurant which is one of the best places to eat in all of the cairns on a budget. In addition to this it offers free hot breakfast, a social and family-like atmosphere, an entertainment team, and an on-site pool and bar.

Summary of the best hostels in Cairns

In conclusion, choosing the right hostel can make all the difference on a trip to Cairns, Queensland.

The top hostels in Cairns offer a range of facilities and experiences that cater to different travel styles and budgets. Traveler’s Oasis stands out for its perfect balance between peace and socializing, Mad Monkey Backpackers Waterfront for its buzzing atmosphere and top-notch amenities, Gilligan’s Cairns for its all-in-one resort experience, and Bounce Hostel Cairns for budget-conscious travelers who want to party.

Regardless of the choice, travelers are guaranteed an unforgettable stay in Cairns.

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