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Are you planning to take a backpacking experience soon? Yes? This is just the piece for you! While backpacking may not be like your usual travelling experience and it may not require as much detailing as your other travel plans include, it indeed requires a lot of planning. Planning may often be frowned at but it is actually the best way to execute a trip successfully, be it a luxury trip or a budget backpacking. Let’s take a look at why planning a backpacking trip is so essential.

Save time


When you have everything planned, you tend to save a lot of time. Planning would involve developing an itinerary for yourself which comes from a good amount of time spent in research. So by the time you reach your destination, you’d know what exactly you wish to visit and where you want to spend your maximum time. When you plan your itinerary, make sure that you keep some buffer time for any added attraction, any unforeseen circumstance (jet lag, getting accustomed to a new place, climate change, health issues, etc.), traffic and weather condition.

Manage your expenditure


When you have everything planned beforehand, you have an estimate of money that is going to be spent during your trip. Knowing the amount you’ll be spending in your next trip will help you in planning your budget in a better manner. You will eventually have a better idea of how much currency exchange you should be going for and the potential places where you can bargain and save some bucks. Always keep some extra cash handy when travelling in a new country although make sureyou distribute it at different places so that you are well prepared for any unforeseen financial loss in an altogether new place.

Prioritise Better

When you plan in advance, you’d know your priority. You already have the list of attractions and let’s face it, it is impossible to explore everything in such a short time span; so having planned beforehand will help you to choose what is essential and what is not. If you’re someone who enjoys art then you could very well prioritize places of importance from the art and architecture perspective whereas if you are a shopaholic, you’d keep visiting the local bazaar on priority.

You will not forget anything


When you plan, you have a list of everything you would want to take with you on your trip. Yes, a backpacking trip does not require too much packing and needs only the essentials, but packing in a hurry leads us to often forget to pack even some essentials. With a plan in hand, you’ll never forget packing anything, not even that toothbrush all of us are guilty of missing out at the last moment. This comes in handy especially when you are travelling to a country which is costlier than your native country. Why spend more for toiletries abroad when you can get it at half the price in your own nation?

Easier and Faster

You might call this a crazy one, but this is actually extremely helpful. As you plan, you tend to save places on maps, make a list of all the places you want to visit and all of those dishes you wish to try. You’d have already taken reference from TripAdvisor on hostels to check-in to, cafes that serve your favourite breakfast, and the markets from where you can get goodies for family members back home. This helps in saving a lot of time that goes in contemplating where to go and where not to! When you save places on maps offline, you save yourself a lot of running around looking for internet and cabs.


Some Tips for Planning a Backpacking Trip

  • Shortlist your mode of travel: Study your route well. How do you wish to travel? Do you want to travel throughout by air or would you be segregating your trip into various other modes such as the rail or the road.
  • Shortlist your destinations carefully: If you are visiting a country, what are the places that you’d want to visit? Do not rush into visiting all of them; just pick the ones that you’ll be able to explore without any hassle. Jot down the pros and cons of all the places you’ve shortlist and narrow down on the final ones accordingly.
  • Get your permits: Check if the country you’re travelling to allows Visa on Arrival or you need prior permit. Check for vaccinations or fevers you could catch.
  • List down your essentials: Whatever essentials you need to carry should be a part of your list and must be in your bag at least 2 days before you leave.

We hope that this piece has helped you understand the importance of planning a backpacking trip. So don’t let the vagabond mode of travelling bring you to think that it does not require planning. It does! And this planning will take you a long way. Bon voyage!


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