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We’ve all heard the question, ‘how many flags do you have?’. Well which are the best flags? We asked. You voted. Without further ado the top 10 countries to do the horizontal dance with are as follows. *Hundreds of more votes have come in and we’ve updated this for 2018. Ireland, Portugal, Sweden and the USA no longer make the list. Brazil, appearing on the list for the first time is now at #3

10. Spain

9. Canada

8. Germany

7. Netherlands

6. Argentina

5. Sweden

4. France

3. Brazil

2. United Kingdom

1. Australia

Well I guess you can say they know to get the job done ‘down under’. Do you disagree with this list? Well then maybe you should have voted! You can still vote here:

Which Country is Best in Bed?

Don’t forget to vote in next weeks poll on the sidebar of our blog!


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Matt quit his job at the age of 19 to travel the world. He has now been to 38 Countries and still has a strong passion for anything to do with backpacking.

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