Top Backpacker Destinations for 2017

1. Cuba

Simon Matzinger
Simon Matzinger

This was destination that was off limits to Americans for a very long time, until now. In 2017 there will be a flood of backpackers and tourists taking advantage of the cheap lifestyle, amazing culture and beautiful beaches. Starting in Havana, you can explore the hundreds of miles of neverending coast, with hidden beaches yet unexplored.

2. Mexico

With the decreasing value of the Peso thanks to President Trump, you can now get almost 22 Pesos to the dollar, compared to just 16 in 2015! Beautiful beaches and ancient ruins await you, where you can easily live with a budget of $25 dollars or less, dorms are around $7 per night and alcohol is cheap as chips!

3. Nicaragua

Mikeblue / Getty Images
Mikeblue / Getty Images

Another hispanic destination that grows more popular every year. Cheaper than it’s more popular neighbour, Costa Rica, Nicaragua is now a backpacker hot spot with amazing beach and night life in places like San Juan Del Sur wherea bottle of rum can go as low as $4.

4. South Africa

When most people think of South Africa, Cape Town and Nelson Mandela usually come to mind, or possibly the high crime rate of places like Johannesburg. Both places are beautiful in their own right, but the best wasy to start is in Cape Town and along the southern coast to Mossel Bay and Port Elizabeth.

5. Vietnam

Cristaltran / Getty Images
Cristaltran / Getty Images

Known as one of the cheapest countries to travel in the world, especially Hanoi where you can get freshly tapped beer on the street for 10 cents! Famous street food and stunning scenery await you in this increasingly popular country.

6. Myanmar

Recently opened to tourists after being a closed country for many years, Myanmar is seeing floods of tourists every year and developing very quickly. Get in there before it becomes too over run with tourists and see the natural beauty and famous ruins like the Bagan temples while it’s still relatively quiet.

7. Ecuador

South Americas cheapest country, you can comfortably survive in Quito on around $20 per day where dorms run around $9 per night and delicious meals await you for only 2-3 dollars. Quito is known for its high altitude and spring-like weather all year round, which make the place a bit exotic when compared to most other big cities in South America.

8. Nepal

Goikmitl / Getty Images

Backpacking in Nepal is not new, but in the past the popular thing to do was backpack the Himalayas. Now the upcoming popular thing to do is visit Lumbini and Birgunj by backpacking and then make sure you head to Nepalgunj, which is famous for it is trekking.

9. Great Britain

Yes it’s possible to backpack England, especially now that the pound has been dropping since leaving the European Union. You will be spending about $20 USD per night for a hostel bed and that’s on the cheap end. Expect to be paying around $80 a day there, but it’s still cheaper than it has been for a while.

10. Tonga

Wtf is a Tonga you might ask? This tiny pacific Island has a population of only 105,000, so it’s no wonder many people have never heard of it. Soon, it’s going to become a popular destination for backpackers simply because of its natural beauty and untouched landscape.

Start in the tiny village capital of Nuku’alofa and work your way along the coast, which looks like something straight out of Lost.

11. Thailand

Masterlu / Getty Images
Masterlu / Getty Images

This country makes everyones list every year and with good reason. Notorious parties on tropical islands, dirt cheap alcohol, the best sky bars in the world, beautiful beaches, ping pong shows and amazing food. The King has recently passed away after reigning for 70 years so now the future and direction of the land of smiles is uncertain.

12. Honduras

Mainly known as the most dangerous country in the world with the highest homicide rate, however, the Bay Islands, three separate islands off the main coast of Honduras are very safe and more known for their beautiful trains and excellent scuba diving in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. It is stunning and an unforgettable place to go solo backpacking. It’s becoming more and more known, so it may be getting much more crowded in the coming years.

Best Places to Stand on the Edge of the World

If you wish to get the best view of the surrounding landscape and countryside, sometimes you have to do a little work and hike to the top of the highest cliff or mountain. Once you get to the top, standing there will get your heart racing and make you feel alive. Here are some of the best spots in the world.

10. Hum Hod Cliff, Sai-Thong National Park, Thailand

The park features great hiking trails, lush nature and rare flowers. Meanwhile this viewpoint might be one of the most exciting in the world – a flat rock protruding above the abyss is not for the fainthearted. However the views from the precipitous cliffs are striking.

Why to go there?

Apart from this awesome viewpoint, also explore the park and its wonderful unspoiled nature.



9. Kukenan, Venezuela

It is one of those beautiful tepuis that can be proud of having a waterfall. Kukenan Falls is 674 m (2,211 ft) high at the southern part of the 2 680 m (8 790 ft) tall mountain. The waterfall is the second tallest one after Angel Falls, that are located nearby.

How to get there?

There is a trail from San Francisco de Yurani. Get there by bus from Caracas, Ciudad Boliviar or Ciudad Guyana. Visitors can also hire a vehicle from San Francisco.



8. Mount Roraima, South America

The impressive summit spreads through three countries – Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. It is the highest peak of the Pakaraima mountains chain, reaching a 2,810 m (9,219 ft) height. The steep rocks form a cliff, which looks like the edge of the world!

Why to go there?

One of the most famous and popular tourist attraction in the region. The mountain can be also approached from above on an air plane tour.



7. Beachy Head, East Sussex, England

This stunning dazzling white chalk headland is a famous feature in the area. At 162 m (531 ft) high it is the highest cliff of the kind in England. The incredibly white shoreline has been helping the sailors to navigate in the English Channel for centuries.

Why to go there?

Admire the rare natural wonder of bright white rock. Great views to the English Channel open from here. There is also a restaurant with panoramic views.



6. Preikestolen, Norway

The steep flat cliff is indeed incredible. Those standing on it looking down the abyss seem to find themselves on the top of the world. It ascents 604 m (1982 ft) overlooking Lysefjorden. The cliff drops into a mild climate zone, so it welcomes visitors all year round. Interestingly there are no fences, preserving an authentic and unspoiled nature.

Why to go there?

Interestingly there are no fences, preserving an authentic and unspoiled nature.



5. Casa Del Arbol, Baños, Ecuador

If you thought that riding a swing is for kids, think again. Here is the wildest swing in the world: the swings hanging from Casa Del Arbol above the abyss attracts many brave adventurers. The treehouse actually is a seismic monitoring station. From here an incredible site of the Cordillera Real and an active volcano Tungurahua opens. The hikers reach this spot on their way to Bellavista viewpoint.

Why to go there?

The swing is simply made of a metal beam attached to a rope. No safety belts will keep you from falling down the abyss. However, the bravest hikers take their chances and enjoy the exciting experience. Definitely worth trying at least once in your lifetime!



4. Trolltunga, Norway

The most cliche of them all, Troll Tunga is a tongue like rock that juts out of the mountainside, so it is horizontal to the ground. 700 meters abyss opens under it. It is found in Odda, Hardanger Norway and attracts many madcaps. The beautiful sight of Ringedalsvatnet lake opens from up there as well.

Why to go there?

One of the most recognizable and popular destination in Norway. A very nice feature to see, while exploring the gorgeous fjords.


3. Hua Shan, China

Hua Shan is a historic, as well as a religious place. For thousands of years people have been growing rice, tea and oranges here. Also for hundreds of years Taoists have been climbing the mountain. Due to these pilgrimages many temples are located in the area. Today Buddhists also climb the steep paths and leave red ribbons with wishes behind.

Why to go there?

Although many non professional climbers come here, the hiking tracks are very dangerous here. The unreliable trails and railings open an unforgettable scenery, though.



2. Marina Bay Sands Skypark, Singapore

The 1115 ft (340 m) long infinity pool belongs to a 2,560 rooms hotel and is one of the biggest and most impressive in the world. This is a desirable entertainment, which attracts thousands of guests to the hotel.

Why to go there?

Swimming in a pool while the breathtaking panoramic views to Singapore open provides indeed an unforgettable experience.



1. The Aiguille du Midi, the Mont Blanc range, France

The great attraction was built on the Aiguille du Midi, next to the tallest peak in Europe – Mont Blanc. In 3842 m (12604 ft) high the glass box attracts adventurers, who are eager to experience the vast landscape to the Alps. The glass is 12 mm (1/2 in) thick, but the visitors have nothing to be afraid of – they won’t fall.

Why to go there?

Definitely one of the greatest and latest winter attractions in Europe worth visiting.




Via: PlacestoSee

11 Affordable Destinations For Cheapskate Backpackers

We know you’re as cheap as us when it comes to travel, so we’ve rounded up 11 cheap countries that will stretch your dollar to the limit without having to make many sacrifices.

1. Nepal

Goikmitl / Getty Images

With the recent devastating earthquake back in April 2015, Nepal is still very much open for tourism, and prices are even cheaper now, perfect for a broke backpacker such as yourself!  Regarded as one of the cheapest countries in the world to travel to, A decent cheap meal costs around 150 rupees (around $1). Find out more Nepalese prices here.

2. Cambodia

Skouatroulio / Getty Images

Known mainly for Angkor Wat and a cheap place to get sloshed, there are other things to do besides that. You can hit up some of it’s lesser known beaches and go for some cheap diving — and it’s all so affordable. Find out how dirty cheap everything is here. A meal in a restaurant is rarely over $5, and beer starts at a mouthwatering 25 cents.

3. Indonesia

Witthaya / Getty Images

One of the largest countries in the world with so much diversity, there is so much to see in this beautiful country, with the majority of places being dirt cheap as long as you stay away from Bali. Check here to find out how much things typically cost there. A large beer costs around 10,000 – 20,000 rupiah and a full dinner costs about 13,500 Indonesian rupiah, or $1!

4. Bulgaria (or anywhere in Eastern Europe)

Flickr: archer10
Flickr: archer10

Most people generally think Europe is alot more expensive than other Southeast Asian countries for example, normally you’d be right — except that Eastern Europe is almost as cheap as Southeast Asia. Bulgaria in particular you can get an entire liter of beer (32 ounces) for $1.50 – that’s cheaper than Thailand!

5. Vietnam

Cristaltran / Getty Images
Cristaltran / Getty Images
Although some of the people may seem a bit strange at first (it’s true), Vietnam is simply a stunning country. Whether you’re going on a motorbike journey that stretches from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, or just want to chill on the street eating amazing street food, there is something for everyone. Ha Long Bay above, a 600-mile turquoise bay filled with huge limestone islands, is just one of the beautiful attractions. Everything is cheap check out how much you’ll end up paying here. You can get Ban Mhi for 10,000 dong (44 cents) – yes that’s a footlong sandwhich for 44 cents. Not to mention the must try Bia Hoi for 22 cents!

6. Laos

Itman__47 / Getty Images
Itman__47 / Getty Images

Thailand’s little brother Laos, famous for it’s mushroom shakes, beautiful mountains and backpackers dying in Vang Vieng, it has much more to offer than what most backpackers experience such as – uh – Buddhist monasteries! You can get a room for about $10 to $20 a night but a dorm will be much cheaper, street food is around $1. Mushroom shakes will cost you though. Find out more about average travel costs here.

7. Nicaragua

Mikeblue / Getty Images
Mikeblue / Getty Images

An up and coming country for Backpackers, Nicaragua is the new Costa Rica, with beautiful beaches, great surfing and alot cheaper that it’s southern neighbour.. Best to go now before it becomes overcrowded with cheapskates such as your self. The country is known it’s high-adventure outdoor activities, pub crawls, parties and surfing — so do it up on the cheap. You can find dorms for as little as $5 or private room around $10.

8. India

Intek1 / Getty Images
Intek1 / Getty Images

The country everyone either loves or hates. “It’s a beautiful, majestic country,” says one person and it’s “an absolute shithole, couldn’t wait to leave,” says others. It’s for that reason that it’s a cheap destination on our list. Depending on what you’re looking for, you’re sure to have a good time! A plate of hot dhal and rice, for example, can cost around 40 Indian rupees (60 cents!) Train travel is also cheap, you can hop on one and travel around for a few days at a time for only a couple of bucks. Yes you’ll be with 10,000 others cramped into one cart, but it’s still a fun experience. Find out roughly how much other things cost here.

9. China

Lavendertime / Getty Images

A country that’s not on every backpackers list – just stay away from the big cities and you’ll survive. The best thing about China is that it’s easy enough to get around even though it’s one of the bigest countries in the world. The transit system is very cheap — taxis start at around $1. Just stay away from the elevators. Here’s how much you can expect to pay for everything else.

10. Thailand

Masterlu / Getty Images
Masterlu / Getty Images

Although not as dirt cheap as it used to be, Thailand is becoming more modern and caters now to the broke backpackers and high end flashpackers. Most other southeast asian countries are more affordable (except Singapore and Malaysia). Here’s a good guide to what you should expect in the capital Bangkok. Dorms in a big city wll be around 8-10 dollards on average and in the country side more like 6.

11. Guatemala

Soft_light / Getty Images
Soft_light / Getty Images

Another up can coming Central American country, Guatemala known for its gorgeous outdoor landscapes, as well as it’s Mayan Temples. It’s all affordable, too: a good meal, for example, is around $3, and everything else is as budget-friendlyfor your cheap ass.

So go now before it’s too late…


The Cheap as Hell Guide to Bangkok ($20/day)

Currency: 34 Thai Baht = $1 USD

Average Cost Per Day: $20 (THB 650) if you don’t pay for any attractions and drink a bit.

Drinks: Around 35 baht for a beer from 7 Eleven, or 275 baht for small bottle of whiskey.

Bed: Dorm bed from 180 baht, private from 300 baht and budget hotel room from 700 baht.

Food: 40 baht for a small street food meal (eg, pad thai, fried rice)

Transportation: 30 baht for skytrain (2 trips)

Difficulty Level: Easy!

Contents: Drink | Eat | Move | Sleep | SeeTips

Bangkok, the ultimate destination for virgin backpackers looking to set off on their journey. The most visited city in the world, Bangkok is a main hub for other South East Asian countries. Notorious for its night-life, beaches, food and sex tourism, there is something for everyone. A dream for the budget traveller with cheap food, hostels and relatively inexpensive drinks, you can easily stay a few nights here without spending more than $30 per day.

In this list we’ve compiled the cheapest places to drink, eat, sleep, see and where to meet people if you’re travelling alone.


Cost to get wasted: THB 300-500 if you stick to hard liquor and don’t eat much.

As it is the party capital of Asia, you can’t travel to Bangkok without having a few drinks. With a good selection of local beer, whiskey and rum, world class nightclubs, fancy rooftop bars, ubiquitous “liquor trucks” and backpacker hot spots like Khaosan Road you’ll definitely have a good time.

What to drink


Cheers Beer – Large cans usually sold in 2 packs for around THB 60, not the best tasting but worth it!

Archa Beer – Dirt cheap but gives you a serious hangover.

Leo Beer – THB 55 for a 650 ml bottle or 38 THB for a can.

SangSom Bucket – Rum, tonic, coke or redbull for THB 250-400 a bucket.

Hong Thong Whiskey – THB 275 for a 375ml bottle.

Where to drink

7 Eleven

Be warned that 7 Eleven does not sell beer from 2-5pm and 12-10 am due to liquor laws, but you can usually find other mini marts that will ignore these laws.

Liquor Trucks

You will find these flashy, neon lit up trucks lined along the road after around 10pm. Sukhumvit soi 11 was notorious for these, but after new laws with the military government, it seems they are rarer. A bottle of beer will be around THB 60-80. They also serve cocktails and buckets.

Khaosan Road

The infamous Khaosan Road, a backpacker hotspot located in the “old city” of Bangkok. With plenty of bars, nightclubs and street food every night turns into a party. You can find buckets of Sangsom and Redbull starting from 200 baht and small Chang’s from 60 baht.

Golf Bar, famous for cheap buckets and not checking ID’s…


Cost per day: THB 120 is doable.

If you want to eat on a budget, there’s quite a few places you can eat. On the street, at 7 Eleven or at food courts. Avoid large fast food chains and fancy restaurants aimed at tourists as this will break your budget. We recommend sticking to 7 Eleven and eating their frozen food that they will heat up for you if you really want to save money. Also stick to food courts like Pier 21 in Terminal 21 or any food court in any large shopping mall such as MBK or Siam Paragon.

What to eat

Street Food – From chicken and pork innards to delicious grilled chicken, starting from THB 15 per stick. Can be found almost anywhere on the street.

Pad Thai – The ubiquitous Thai dish , starting around THB 40 at most street stalls.

Chicken Rice – Plain chicken on rice which costs around THB 50.

Green Curry – Another famous Thai dish starting at around THB 100.

7 Eleven Sandwich – Price is around THB 25.

7 Eleven Frozen Dinner – Starting from around THB 35.

Food Court Meal – Starting from around THB 40 for a variety of great Thai foods.

Where to eat

Pier 21

Located in Terminal 21 on Sukhumvit Soi 21, this is my go to place when I want to eat clean, delicious and cheap food!

7 Eleven

There is one on every corner, more ubiquitous than lady boys and plastic bags. All kinds of cheap food to eat here, just ask them to heat it up for you, “Mee Wave Krap.” Family Mart is an alternative if by some chance you can’t find a 711.

Street Food

If you can’t find street food in Bangkok then you’re doing something wrong. It’s usually the cheapest food there is, but you may still be hungry after.


Cost per day: THB 60 is reasonable if you’re only using the sky-train and making a few trips.

Bangkok surprisingly is a great city for public transportation and very convenient with a taxi or tuktuk on every corner and the reliable and cheap sky-train. There are also boat taxis for a more “cultural” experience.

How to get around

Walking (Free)

My favourite way of getting around any city. It’s free and keeps you fit. The side-walks tend to be crowded and full of street stalls and makeshift shops so you may have to walk on the street at times.

BTS Sky-train/MRT (THB 15)

The go to mode of transportation and the cheapest and quickest. Fares start at 15 baht for one stop, and go up to 52 baht for longer journeys. This will take you to most places around the city except for old town (Grand Temple and Khaosan Road). More info here: BTS Skytrain

Bus (THB 2)

The cheapest option after walking, Bangkok’s bus network is very extensive, 2 THB will get you anywhere within city limits and you can experience the life of a local.

Taxi (THB 42)

Has to be one of my least favourite options as the traffic in Bangkok is notoriously awful. If you want to take a taxi make sure you get one that will put the meter on otherwise taxi drivers will try charge more. You may need to hail 5 or more cabs before you get one who will agree to do this because most prefer to get a fare off someone who doesn’t know better. The meter starts at 42 baht and begins ticking up after about 5 minutes. There are also motorcycle taxis which are great for getting around quickly.

Boat (THB 10 – 40)

There are two boat services in Bangkok. First there’s Chao Phraya Express Boat, servicing the Chao Phraya River which is popular among tourists for getting to landmarks such as the Grand Palace. Then there’s the Saen Saep Express Boat, used mainly by locals who commute to work. The fare differs based on the colour of the flag or route. More info can be found here.

Tuk Tuk (THB 50 – 400)

I wouldn’t even bother with this unless you have absolutely no other choice. They tend to rip you off once you get to the destination or take you on a detour trying to get you to buy a suit or cheap jewellery. Once you know exactly how much it should cost to get somewhere you can consider travelling in these after first agreeing on a price.


Cost per day: THB 200 is reasonable if you want an okay sleep with A/C in a dorm room.

For budget travellers the Khao San Road area offers the cheapest accommodation with many guest houses, hostels and budget hotels. This is the main backpacker hotspot. If you want to get away from this crowd, Silom and Sukhumvit areas are more up-scale and you can still find cheap accommodation.

Khao San Road, the backpacker hotspot.

Where to sleep

Khao San Road (THB 150 and up)

This is the first destination for most backpackers in Thailand. Crowded streets with cheap food, alcohol and sweaty men in Chang t-shirts. The cheapest accommodation is on the side streets and not on the road itself. If you want the best deal, you’ll have to walk around until you find a small guest house or hostel that won’t be listed on any websites (you can haggle too). These run on average around THB 200 for an 8 bed dorm with AC if you’re lucky. If you like to be prepared and need to book before you go then you should check out these:

Rest Inn Hostel Dormitory (฿220)

Khaosan Road Rainbow Hostel (฿200)

Sukhumvit Road

Another great alternative to Khao San Road if you don’t feel like hanging out in a dirty neighborhood. Sukhumvit 11 offers some great nightlife and food, but it can get pricey.

Stay Hostel (฿212)

The City At Fifty Hostel(฿195)


A more up-scale neighbourhood with lots of cheap food and interesting things to see, including the notorious Patpong Street.

Everyday Bangkok Hostel (฿250)

Thrive the Hostel (฿250)

Everyday Bangkok Hostel


Cost per day: You can do this for free.

What to see

Temples (50 baht)

The famous Wat Arun.

Wat Arun Entrance fee is only 50 baht and it’s a great sight to behold. The other temples such as the Grand Palace will be beyond this budget, however you can stand outside and take pictures.


MBK and Platinum Fashion Malls are great places to get lost in the maze of stores and stalls. Chatuchak weekend market has over 8,000 stalls and  you can walk around all day looking for cheap clothes/toys and even live animals.

Nightlife Districts (Free)

Patpong street in Silom is a sight to behold and so is Soi Cowboy but you’ll want to watch out for all the venereal diseases.

Rooftop Bars

You can get into rooftop bars for free but make sure you dress up and don’t buy any alcohol if you’re that cheap. You may find yourself getting kicked out for being a tight-ass though. Some good ones are Octave, Above 11 and Lebua Skybar.

Octave Rooftop Bar
Octave Rooftop Bar

Khao San Road (Free)

A sight in itself. Chill out at one of the tables on the street drinking cheap beer while watching people make fools out of themselves.

Quick Tips

Arriving: The airport train is 45 THB to the city, taxi is 300 THB.

Best time to visit: from November to April (warm and humid year round).

Language: English is not widely spoken, so expect a large language barrier. Try and at least learn to count in Thai and the names of food before you go.

Currency: It’s best to get some Thai Baht before you go, if not there are many small bank kiosks to change your currency for a reasonable price. ATM’s charge a flat rate of 180 baht in most places, so when you withdraw, take out as much money as you can. You should consider setting up a Thai bank account and transferring money internationally to save yourself even more. We wrote a detailed article about it here.

Haggling: Know your prices. This means doing some research before buying anything. You’ll find that a lot of the stores will sell the exact same thing so if you see something you like ask for the best price and don’t act overly interested. Ignore the whole ‘special price for you my friend’, because it’s all part of the game. After being given their ‘best price’ start walking away and before you know it the price will start rapidly dropping. Before long you will start to work out exactly how cheap you can get it for and when going to another store you’ll be armed with this knowledge. You may end up paying 1/10th of the initial price.

Scams: There are a lot of scams for the gullible and inexperienced. To begin with don’t get into a tuk-tuk and watch out for taxis offering you to take you somewhere that you didn’t initially want to go. Also be aware of tour guides telling you a certain temple is closed (which is a lie) and offering you to take you to a more expensive one.

Protecting your belongings: Thai people are great but like a lot of places in the world there are people out their who will try and steal your shit. Now I know money belts and neck lanyards  look lame but you may consider some sort of protection as I can guarantee  someone will try to pick-pocket you at some point. I used to put mine around the neck and under the shirt so unless you’re getting freaky with a girl (or lady-boy) it should be safe. You may also consider leaving all valuables locked up and only go out with the money you need.


The Bottom Line

If you walk every where, eat at 7 Eleven or food courts, stick to hard liquor, don’t pay to see any attractions and sleep at a dorm for 200 baht you can easily do Bangkok on 600 baht per day. Add 30 baht for the sky train if you don’t feel like walking.

Food: 120 baht

Accommodation: 200 baht

Transportation: 30 baht

Liquor: 300 baht

Total: 650 baht per day you cheap motherf&cker!

Epic 360 Photos From Around the World

For those who are afraid of leaving the comforts of home and responsibilities but still want to see the world, Google Maps photo spheres are the answer! These amazing interactive, 360-degree photos span across the globe, from the warm beaches of Thailand, to the frozen landscapes of Antarctica. *Note – these are best viewed on a desktop computer, or with the Google Maps App.*

Frozen waterfall at Athabasca Falls, Canada

Ko Phi Phi Don – Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Milford Sound – South Island, New Zealand

The Wave – Arizona, USA

Cable Beach – Western Australia

Machu Picchu, Peru

Ross Island – Antarctica

Dynjandifoss – Westfjords, Iceland

White Desert – Al Farafrah, Egypt

Preikestolen – Forsand, Norway

Lake Bogoria Nature Reserve – Kenya

Erta Ale – Afar Zone 2, Ethiopia

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Causeway to Fingal’s Cave – Isle of Staffa, Scotland

Meteroa – Kalampaka, Greece

Sanja Festival in Tokyo, Japan

13 Great Party Hostels Around the World

Hostels are a vital part of backpacking. There are a lot of factors that define a great hostel and reviews can often be skewed as what is going on in the hostel varies greatly throughout the year. With that being said here are 13 hostels in no particular order that have been reviewed positively when it comes to partying.

1. Retox Party Hostel, Budapest, Hungary

One of the most notorious party hostels in the world; with a name like Retox Party Hostel, you’re bound to have a good time or a terrible time due to the copious amounts of alcohol. Cruise the Danube on a party boat, drink in a castle overlooking Budapest or just relax at the Retox bar with a game of beer pong.

“Stayed at Retox and the place was insane. Make sure you know what you are getting into. The place is as advertised with it being dirty, crazy and loud. That being said it was a total blast and I would stay again in a heartbeat. Definitely not for everyone though.”

-Via Reddit user: photosandfood


2. Dancing Elephant, Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand

If you’re looking to experience the famous Full Moon Party, then this is the hostel you want to be at. Located in the heart of Haad Rin village it is surrounded by shops, restaurants, massage parlors and only a 2 minute walk from beaches and the full moon party.

“Great location, close enough to haad rin beach for easy access but far away enough that you cannot hear the noise from the beach night. The staff pull out all the stops for full moon and the nights leading up to it. Great party atmosphere and very easy to meet people.”

-Customer Review from

Via: Dancing Elephant FB Page

3. Pacha Mama, San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

With their famous Sunday Funday pool crawl, Pachamama is located quite centrally in San Juan del Sur and is close to the main beach and the main strip with all of the bars to party in of a night time. It is also only a short distance from the main street, where you can find all of the restaurants, food, and other amenities that you might need during your stay here.

Staff and service was always just ok. On the first day everyone looked at us like weird outsiders, it was unpleasant. A day later we realized we were looking at new arriving guests the same way. It was because we had bonded and formed little groups with the other guests. The hostel is super chill during the day, jump in the pool, drink a beer or watch Netflix on the lounge and take it easy before whatever wild party will ensue that night! Sunday funday was off the hook, if you stay at pacha mama you are guaranteed a ticket so stay there!

-captianpeanuts (2014-11-13) Tripadvisor review

Via: PachaMama FB page

4. Asylum Cairns, Australia

A great hostel to make new friends, with their famous Mad Moon-day Party where for $15 you get your own original design t-shirt, free entry to awesome venues, BBQ sausage sizzle, a minimum of two free ‘things’ and free internet for a week (although internet should always be free). The atmosphere has a truly relaxed, ‘homey’ kind of feel, which is great for seasoned travellers and first-timers who may find it hard to make that first move in making new friends.

Great location. Party hostel. secure location to park your campervan if you have one. only a few blocks from the port/ocean. Be prepared to party on Thursday for they have their crazy Pants Down party. Kitchen is large and clean with fridge. Rooms are secure. Sadly you have to pay 2 dollars a day if you want wifi (5 dollars on first day to ‘activate).

-Anonymous (2014-10-29) Hostelworld review


5. The Flying Pig Downtown – Amsterdam, Holland

The Flying Pig is a great location for young travellers, partiers, and people who are planning on walking everywhere. It’s very close to the Red Light District, and train station. The Flying Pig is right in the center of the city, and is located on a shopping strip.

I found it to be very clean and welcoming, as were the staff. Thankfully, my group likes to party and there were no shortage of those in or around the hostel, but if you’re not the party type, you may want to look elsewhere.

— Kelly (2014-03-14)

Via: The Flying Pig Downtown FB page

6. The G Spot Hostel – Lagos, Portugal

Hands down one of the best in Portugal, this review pretty much sums it up:

Planned to stay for 3 days, ended up staying for 10! Not much more needs to be said, if you are looking for a great party hostel with awesome staff this is the place to be in Lagos.

-September 19th, 2014 Hostelworld review

Via: G Spot Lagos FB page

7. Greg and Tom Party Hostel, Krakow, Poland

One of the fanciest party hostels around with a super modern common room, showers and kitchen. Every night, Polish students will take you out to the best party spots around Krakow and show you their special Vodka & Beer Tasting Tour. With a party 7 nights a week, it’s definitely a must when you’re in Krakow.

This is one of the greatest hostels available if you are looking for a good night out and a great stay. Brilliant location, free dinner and breakfast and the bar crawls are epic.

-June 30th, 2014 Hostelbookers review


8. Carnival Court Backpackers, Cape Town, South Africa

Located in the heart of the action on Long street, near bars, clubs and restaurants. The hostel is on top of a bar, so most guests complain that it’s too noisy to get some sleep. It’s always a wild night here and you don’t come here to relax.

A brilliant place in the heart of cape town. it has a nice bar and is so a good option for solo-travellers. it can be loud at night, but well.. were young aren’t we!!

-Moritz Heise (2013-01-13) Hostelbookers review

Via: Carnival Court Backpackers

9. X Hostel Varna, Varna, Bulgaria

As well as being cheap as chips this hostel really knows how to party. Epic parties in Varna or Golden Sands, unforgettable dinner parties, foam parties and pub crawls with around 400 people!

Ohhh X hostel Varna, how I love you so, where the golden Balkansko rivers flow. Definitely the greatest hostel on our planet earth. The staff seem like they were created in a rock and roll laboratory; they just cant stop the party. You walk through the gate and meet total strangers that you feel like you’ve known for years. Incredible parties, incredible atmosphere. Great tasting food that will even make your grandmother’s head explode. . I’ll be back without a doubt; see you there!

-Anonymous (2014-09-13) Hosteworld review

Via: X Hostel Varna FB page

10. El Viajero Hostel – Cartagena, Colombia

This Party Hostel in Colombia has a fun and relaxing atmosphere, with a colonial patio & garden outside, a bar with the best music & cheapest drinks in town, a common TV area with DVD & Netflix, and a well-equipped kitchen.

El Viajero was the first “party” hostel I’ve ever stayed at and to be honest, I’m glad I did. I didn’t think that the noise was too loud & boisterous at night (as others have said in their reviews), since the hostel bartender would close the bar around midnight and usher everyone to partake in a bar/club crawl outside the city walls. Decor was super cute & colorful, staff was friendly, nightly group events were plentiful – overall a great place to meet people & maximize your time in the city!

-drobles7856005 (November 1, 2014) Hostelworld review

Via: El Viajero Hostel Facebook Page

11. The Pink Palace – Corfu, Greece

Located on a beautiful beach in Corfu, this is both a hotel and hostel that is a great place to meet others when solo travelling. Go kayaking, set sail on the booze cruise, drink at the 24 hour bar or just chill out on the private beach. With 368 beds, you’re sure to find someone to party with.

Great place to party with different themed parties each night, and they seat everyone together at dinner which was a good way to meet people. They run activities during the day which everyone seemed to enjoy. Rooms had AC which is all we really cared about when it came to bed time.

– Anonymous (2014-08-15) Hostelworld review


12. The Cambie Hostel, Vancouver, Canada

One of Vancouvers best hostels, the pub downstairs is always full with daily drink deals. It’s a great place to meet people and party, so don’t come here if you expect to get some R & R like this guest:

I understand that hostels tend to be party locations, but the groups partying in the upstairs common areas were out of control the Friday night I stayed there. In addition, the bathrooms were disgusting – pipes were leaking over the shower, there was a bandaid by the sink, empty bottles everywhere… and my comforter had a burn hole in it. Very unpleasant place to sleep (actually, not much sleep happened, to be honest). Would not recommend.

-Anonymous Female from the USA, Hostelworld review

Via: The Cambie FB Page

 13. Couzi-Couji Party Hostel, Penang, Malaysia

Renown for it’s food, who knew Penang had a party hostel? Turns out this is the only one, and you’ll have a great time here with organized events, pub crawls and some of the cheapest beer in Penang.

Great place for partying! Met lots of new people and Alex the owner is a very cool and a funny party owner. I appreciate for the experience that I’ve had and made new friends not just travelers but also locals! Awesome bar experience and the activities that Alex organizes is just phenomenal! Definetely would like to come back! Long live Couzi Couji!

-Anonymous (July 26, 2014) Hostelworld review

Via: Couzi-Couji FB Page

The world is huge, with lots of places and parties to explore. This is definitely not a list of all the best party hostels in the world, as there are too many to mention in one list. Feel free to mention your favourites in the comments below.

20 Epic Places to Watch the Sun go Down

The Great Pyramids, Egypt

If you are lucky enough to see the Great Pyramids up close and personal, you might as well stick around for a stunning sunset.

3. The Great Pyramids, Egypt - 20 of The Best Places To Watch The Sunset

Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

Thanks to the Colorado River the Grand Canyon was carved in all of its beautiful glory. Research shows over 17 million years ago the river first established its route through the towering canyon walls, since then it has continued to erode the area into a breathtaking masterpiece that boasts some seriously stellar sunsets.

6. Grand Canyon, Arizona USA - 20 of The Best Places To Watch The Sunset

Sahara Desert

Endless miles of sand and sunset, just don’t forget your sunscreen!

10. Sahara Desert - 20 of The Best Places To Watch The Sunset

Mount Bromo, Indonesia

Mount Bromo is an active volcano located in East Java, Indonesia. While it is not the highest peak in the area, it is the most popular.

9. Mount Bromo, Indonesia - 20 of The Best Places To Watch The Sunset

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Famous for it’s early morning sunrise, watching the sunset is the best alternative for those lazy backpackers.

4. Angkor Wat, Cambodia - 20 of The Best Places To Watch The Sunset

Krabi, Thailand


Grundarfjordur, Iceland

Not only does this small Icelandic town have the most amazing sunsets, it’s a pretty private destination as well with only 974 inhabitants as of 2005.

15. Grundarfjordur, Iceland - 20 of The Best Places To Watch The Sunset

Mount Haleakala, Hawaii

13. Mount Haleakala, Hawaii - 20 of The Best Places To Watch The Sunset

Bora Bora, Tahiti


Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan Myanmar Sunset

Ayers Rock, Australia

Known as one of the most impressive landmarks found throughout all of Australia, the Ayers Rock is a giant sandstone formation located in central Australia.

19. Ayers Rock, Australia - 20 of The Best Places To Watch The Sunset

Florida Keys, USA

12. Florida Keys - 20 of The Best Places To Watch The Sunset

Taj Mahal, India

While many people have heard of the Taj Mahal, not everyone knows that it was originally built back in 1648 by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as a dedication to his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Sunsets viewed from here are full of cultural charm.

18. Taj Mahal, India - 20 of The Best Places To Watch The Sunset

The Serengeti, Tanzania


Stonehenge, England

Located in Wiltshire, this prehistoric monument was constructed back in 2600 BC and completed in 2000 BC. It was built for unknown purposes using stones brought from Wales.

20. Stonehenge, England - 20 of The Best Places To Watch The Sunset

Lake Annecy, French Alps

Lake Annecy is the third largest lake in France, offering plenty of day and night time activities, including sunset watching.

16. Lake Annecy, French Alps - 20 of The Best Places To Watch The Sunset

Niagara Falls, Canada


Chamonix, France


Mount Fuji, Japan


Li River, China


Via: AmazingOasis

Featured Image: Flickr

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