13 Great Party Hostels Around the World

Hostels are a vital part of backpacking. There are a lot of factors that define a great hostel and reviews can often be skewed as what is going on in the hostel varies greatly throughout the year. With that being said here are 13 hostels in no particular order that have been reviewed positively when it comes to partying.

1. Retox Party Hostel, Budapest, Hungary

One of the most notorious party hostels in the world; with a name like Retox Party Hostel, you’re bound to have a good time or a terrible time due to the copious amounts of alcohol. Cruise the Danube on a party boat, drink in a castle overlooking Budapest or just relax at the Retox bar with a game of beer pong.

“Stayed at Retox and the place was insane. Make sure you know what you are getting into. The place is as advertised with it being dirty, crazy and loud. That being said it was a total blast and I would stay again in a heartbeat. Definitely not for everyone though.”

-Via Reddit user: photosandfood


2. Dancing Elephant, Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand

If you’re looking to experience the famous Full Moon Party, then this is the hostel you want to be at. Located in the heart of Haad Rin village it is surrounded by shops, restaurants, massage parlors and only a 2 minute walk from beaches and the full moon party.

“Great location, close enough to haad rin beach for easy access but far away enough that you cannot hear the noise from the beach night. The staff pull out all the stops for full moon and the nights leading up to it. Great party atmosphere and very easy to meet people.”

-Customer Review from Hostelbookers.com

Via: Dancing Elephant FB Page

3. Pacha Mama, San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

With their famous Sunday Funday pool crawl, Pachamama is located quite centrally in San Juan del Sur and is close to the main beach and the main strip with all of the bars to party in of a night time. It is also only a short distance from the main street, where you can find all of the restaurants, food, and other amenities that you might need during your stay here.

Staff and service was always just ok. On the first day everyone looked at us like weird outsiders, it was unpleasant. A day later we realized we were looking at new arriving guests the same way. It was because we had bonded and formed little groups with the other guests. The hostel is super chill during the day, jump in the pool, drink a beer or watch Netflix on the lounge and take it easy before whatever wild party will ensue that night! Sunday funday was off the hook, if you stay at pacha mama you are guaranteed a ticket so stay there!

-captianpeanuts (2014-11-13) Tripadvisor review

Via: PachaMama FB page

4. Asylum Cairns, Australia

A great hostel to make new friends, with their famous Mad Moon-day Party where for $15 you get your own original design t-shirt, free entry to awesome venues, BBQ sausage sizzle, a minimum of two free ‘things’ and free internet for a week (although internet should always be free). The atmosphere has a truly relaxed, ‘homey’ kind of feel, which is great for seasoned travellers and first-timers who may find it hard to make that first move in making new friends.

Great location. Party hostel. secure location to park your campervan if you have one. only a few blocks from the port/ocean. Be prepared to party on Thursday for they have their crazy Pants Down party. Kitchen is large and clean with fridge. Rooms are secure. Sadly you have to pay 2 dollars a day if you want wifi (5 dollars on first day to ‘activate).

-Anonymous (2014-10-29) Hostelworld review


5. The Flying Pig Downtown – Amsterdam, Holland

The Flying Pig is a great location for young travellers, partiers, and people who are planning on walking everywhere. It’s very close to the Red Light District, and train station. The Flying Pig is right in the center of the city, and is located on a shopping strip.

I found it to be very clean and welcoming, as were the staff. Thankfully, my group likes to party and there were no shortage of those in or around the hostel, but if you’re not the party type, you may want to look elsewhere.

— Kelly (2014-03-14)

Via: The Flying Pig Downtown FB page

6. The G Spot Hostel – Lagos, Portugal

Hands down one of the best in Portugal, this review pretty much sums it up:

Planned to stay for 3 days, ended up staying for 10! Not much more needs to be said, if you are looking for a great party hostel with awesome staff this is the place to be in Lagos.

-September 19th, 2014 Hostelworld review

Via: G Spot Lagos FB page

7. Greg and Tom Party Hostel, Krakow, Poland

One of the fanciest party hostels around with a super modern common room, showers and kitchen. Every night, Polish students will take you out to the best party spots around Krakow and show you their special Vodka & Beer Tasting Tour. With a party 7 nights a week, it’s definitely a must when you’re in Krakow.

This is one of the greatest hostels available if you are looking for a good night out and a great stay. Brilliant location, free dinner and breakfast and the bar crawls are epic.

-June 30th, 2014 Hostelbookers review

Via gregtomhostel.com

8. Carnival Court Backpackers, Cape Town, South Africa

Located in the heart of the action on Long street, near bars, clubs and restaurants. The hostel is on top of a bar, so most guests complain that it’s too noisy to get some sleep. It’s always a wild night here and you don’t come here to relax.

A brilliant place in the heart of cape town. it has a nice bar and is so a good option for solo-travellers. it can be loud at night, but well.. were young aren’t we!!

-Moritz Heise (2013-01-13) Hostelbookers review

Via: Carnival Court Backpackers

9. X Hostel Varna, Varna, Bulgaria

As well as being cheap as chips this hostel really knows how to party. Epic parties in Varna or Golden Sands, unforgettable dinner parties, foam parties and pub crawls with around 400 people!

Ohhh X hostel Varna, how I love you so, where the golden Balkansko rivers flow. Definitely the greatest hostel on our planet earth. The staff seem like they were created in a rock and roll laboratory; they just cant stop the party. You walk through the gate and meet total strangers that you feel like you’ve known for years. Incredible parties, incredible atmosphere. Great tasting food that will even make your grandmother’s head explode. . I’ll be back without a doubt; see you there!

-Anonymous (2014-09-13) Hosteworld review

Via: X Hostel Varna FB page

10. El Viajero Hostel – Cartagena, Colombia

This Party Hostel in Colombia has a fun and relaxing atmosphere, with a colonial patio & garden outside, a bar with the best music & cheapest drinks in town, a common TV area with DVD & Netflix, and a well-equipped kitchen.

El Viajero was the first “party” hostel I’ve ever stayed at and to be honest, I’m glad I did. I didn’t think that the noise was too loud & boisterous at night (as others have said in their reviews), since the hostel bartender would close the bar around midnight and usher everyone to partake in a bar/club crawl outside the city walls. Decor was super cute & colorful, staff was friendly, nightly group events were plentiful – overall a great place to meet people & maximize your time in the city!

-drobles7856005 (November 1, 2014) Hostelworld review

Via: El Viajero Hostel Facebook Page

11. The Pink Palace – Corfu, Greece

Located on a beautiful beach in Corfu, this is both a hotel and hostel that is a great place to meet others when solo travelling. Go kayaking, set sail on the booze cruise, drink at the 24 hour bar or just chill out on the private beach. With 368 beds, you’re sure to find someone to party with.

Great place to party with different themed parties each night, and they seat everyone together at dinner which was a good way to meet people. They run activities during the day which everyone seemed to enjoy. Rooms had AC which is all we really cared about when it came to bed time.

– Anonymous (2014-08-15) Hostelworld review


12. The Cambie Hostel, Vancouver, Canada

One of Vancouvers best hostels, the pub downstairs is always full with daily drink deals. It’s a great place to meet people and party, so don’t come here if you expect to get some R & R like this guest:

I understand that hostels tend to be party locations, but the groups partying in the upstairs common areas were out of control the Friday night I stayed there. In addition, the bathrooms were disgusting – pipes were leaking over the shower, there was a bandaid by the sink, empty bottles everywhere… and my comforter had a burn hole in it. Very unpleasant place to sleep (actually, not much sleep happened, to be honest). Would not recommend.

-Anonymous Female from the USA, Hostelworld review

Via: The Cambie FB Page

 13. Couzi-Couji Party Hostel, Penang, Malaysia

Renown for it’s food, who knew Penang had a party hostel? Turns out this is the only one, and you’ll have a great time here with organized events, pub crawls and some of the cheapest beer in Penang.

Great place for partying! Met lots of new people and Alex the owner is a very cool and a funny party owner. I appreciate for the experience that I’ve had and made new friends not just travelers but also locals! Awesome bar experience and the activities that Alex organizes is just phenomenal! Definetely would like to come back! Long live Couzi Couji!

-Anonymous (July 26, 2014) Hostelworld review

Via: Couzi-Couji FB Page

The world is huge, with lots of places and parties to explore. This is definitely not a list of all the best party hostels in the world, as there are too many to mention in one list. Feel free to mention your favourites in the comments below.

13 Types of People You’ll Meet at a Hostel

1. The Lonely Planet Know it All

Typically American, they love telling anybody who will listen about the best local restaurant in town, not knowing that it closed 2 years ago just after the guide was published.

Img: Flickr

2. The Aussie

If you want to know where the cheapest places to drink / party are ignore the lonely planet guru, this is your guy.  It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, you will always find one. If there’s a hostel, there’s an Aussie. You might start getting excited that there’s none around but when you’re least expecting it he’ll pop out of nowhere, usually accompanied by a sack of goon.


3. The Stoner

Never leaves except for food. He is generally found asleep in his dorm room but on rare occasions can be sighted in the common room watching TV.  Don’t ask him about attractions in the area, he has no idea that he has left his home country.

Img: Flickr

4. The Homeless Guy

Usually an older man who may or may not be paying to stay in the hostel. His backpacking days are long gone after he ran out of money, but he still wants to hold on to the good times.

Img: Flickr

5. The Snorer

If you didn’t have a good nights sleep odds are he did. They’re always the first to fall asleep, making you wish you’d brought earplugs.

Img: Flickr

6. The Hostel Rat

He travels halfway around the world to sit in the common room watching the latest episode of the Walking Dead, reading a book or surfing the web. In his spare time when he’s not on his laptop, he’s eating, shitting, sleeping or planning which hostel he’s going to sit on his ass in next.

A room full of hostel rats.

7. The Backpacker Virgin

It’s their first time travelling the world. They have a brand new backpack, guides and everything they assumes a backpacker will need. Very eager and anxious to start exploring the city and begin their adventure. They will ask you tons of questions, including if you want to join them. Part of you envies them, reminding you of the early days when you first started out on your backpacking adventure.

Img: Flickr

8. The White Guy With Dreadlocks

There is always one. Has many stories to tell and professes to know everything about the local area. His arrogance and self-righteousness overpowers the stench of his unwashed dreads.


9. The One Who Lives in the Hostel

Not to be confused with the homeless guy, this one usually works nearby or has a decent income yet chooses to live in a hostel for social reasons.

Img: La Menesunda Hostel

10. The 45 Year Old Who Thinks He’s 25

Usually a raging alcoholic whose wife recently left him, throwing him into a mid-life crisis. He’s been backpacking ever since she left, awkwardly trying to fit in and party with 20 something’s while trying to find his place in life.

Img: Flickr

11. The Solitary Asian

He doesn’t speak a word other than “Hi” or “Hello”, disappears for the day, is asleep absurdly early and leaves no trace whatsoever so you’re not sure if he was really there or not at all…


12. The Couchsurfer

He failed to find a couch, so he spends all day at the hostel sending couch requests and drinking his herbal tea. He feels as though he’s been raped every time he needs to pay for accommodation.



13. The Guy Who Travels Only to Get Laid

He’s not here for the sights or the food, he’s here to get a piece of local ass. You’ll see him constantly on dating websites and swiping through Tinder, and in his backpack are many fancy shirts to go clubbing and he’s got a local phone so he can text the girls. If you need a condom he brought the great value package of the good ones from back home! Usually stays in a private room, so he can be alone with his local mistress. He typically cannot get laid back home.

Img: Flickr

Backpacker Attacked While Sleeping In Hostel

Staying in hostels has its ups and downs. Great parties that some may love and others may hate, snoring and fornicating room-mates keeping you up all night, and people stealing your shit. This backpackers experience in Oslo, Norway couldn’t get much worse than it did.

At first it appears like it could be a normal dorm room, however after staying a night he was in for a big surprise.


“The hostel I stayed at, Sentrum Pensjonat, in Oslo was central and cheap (still the most expensive hostel I’ve stayed in, but hey, it’s Norway). In my rush to book I didn’t thoroughly read reviews. It looked like an orphanage and had the weirdest vibe of any hostel I’ve stayed at after 3+ years of hopping around Europe”.

He says that he woke up to some itching but assumed it was a mosquito bite. After getting up and showering he noticed the itching was getting worse and decided to look under his sheets finding 3 bedbugs in the corner of his mattress. They say that there are 50 bedbugs to every one you see.

“I told the front desk and got my money back, then booked a night at the Raddison (140 euros, so that sucked)”. As the day went on he assessed the damage and counted over 200 bites all over his body.

24 hours after the attack:


“The bites started to turn into welts, incredibly itchy. I bought an anti-itch cream and cortizone at a pharmacy. It actually got so bad that I went to a doctor about 48 hours after waking up with the bites, though they couldn’t give me anything else and just told me to keep applying cream.”


“The worst part was that my feet got attacked”, a large part of his Norway trip involving hiking.


They even attacked his face, though these bites didn’t show up as clearly as the ones on his arms and back.


“Apparently heat is one of the only things that kills these things (they can live up to a year without feeding… they’re horrendous little things.) Everything I owned got thrown into this industrial dryer I found at a laundromat in Oslo and cooked for an hour (clothes, two pairs of shoes, backpack, travel cases).”


Four days later the bites were still irritating him. “The bites around the edge of my shoes and at the sock line turned into these pustules (I had about 6) which I popped with soap and gentle rubbing in the shower.”


He says “It was still one of the most incredible trips I’ve been on. The bedbug attack was a downer and a bit annoying at night with the itching, but I didn’t let it put a damper on my trip. Travel is the good and the bad, can’t let things like that prevent you from traveling cheap and seeing the world, even if “lo barato sale caro” sometimes.”

His feet held up and here he is with a breath-taking view.


Via: Reddit

18 Funny Signs Found in Hostels Around the World


American Backpackers Hostel in Vancouver

If you plan on visiting, don’t forget a photo of your mother.


Brasov, Romania


Taos, New Mexico

Eat 2 cats – get one free!


Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania



Where am I supposed to keep my tuna salad then?


Open to all jews!


Not this one though:


Or this:








Asylum Cairns Hostel, Australia

Asylym Cairns

Dunedin, New Zealand


Well thanks for the warning at least. On a dorm room door.

oMe8E (1)

This must be in Australia


La Brisa Loca, in Santa Marta, Colombia

Was it Mike Rowe doing another “Dirty Job?”


No pool for you. Period.


Athens, Greece

As if I would ever let anyone borrow my Twighlight books. pshh…


Problems Backpackers Have to Deal With Everyday

1. Packing Too Much

Girls usually struggle with this one.

2. Finding Somewhere to Spank the Monkey

We all masturbate but the odds of getting caught are increased when the options are limited to the shower or dorm room.

3. Drinking

We’re too cheap to spend any money on proper food or accommodation, yet have no issue spending our weeks budget on a night out.

4. People porking while you’re trying to sleep

The only thing worse is someone snoring like a wounded warthog; some may find this problem a useful time to sneak in a quick wank.

5. Trying to sneak someone into your dorm room

If you’re trying to find somewhere to do the horizontal dance and neither you or your tango partner has their own place it can be quite a problem.

6. Making friends and saying goodbye soon after

Friends come and go but when you find someone you like more than friends you have known your whole life it sucks to say goodbye.

7. Meeting people from your own country

Most people don’t travel half-way around the globe to meet their fellow natives.

8. Discovering There is no WIFI at Your Hostel

Sad how much we rely on it these days!

9. Running Out of Money and Going Home

Whether it’s due to lack of money or time to go back for your studies. It’s never something to look forward to.

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