17 Moments Every Backpacker Experiences (Part 2)

1. That feeling when you arrive after a 17 hour bus ride


2. When you start eating street food and someone asks you how the dog tastes


3. When you get fired from your job and realize you’re free to travel the world.


4. When the flight you were going to book went up in price and you try to find it again


5. The moment you realize you left your passport on the airplane


6. When someone you just met tells you where they’ve been and you pretend to be interested


7. When the same person asks if they can come travelling with you


8. When you get to a new country and someone greets you in their native language.


9. When someone brags about how many countries they’ve been to


10. When you try to start a conversation with the locals


11. When the locals talk to you and you pretend to understand what they’re saying


12. When you travel solo and everyone else in the hostel arrived in a group tour.


13. When you and your friend rent a scooter for the first time


14. The first time you encounter a squat toilet.

giphy (2)

15. When you ask your best friend to come travelling with you and they say no


16. When you miss your connecting flight because there was a time zone change you were unaware of


17. When you come back to your parents house completely broke.


23 Things Backpackers Love to Complain About

1. We constantly have to justify why we are traveling the world instead of working a nine-to-five.


2. We have to sleep in dorm rooms with complete strangers who fart and snore and do the sideways dance.

3. We must use mosquito spray or risk getting malaria or dengue fever.

4. We can never make any plans because shit happens all the time.

5. We have to wear the same stained clothes over and over again.

6. We have to think about every dollar we spend because every dollar we spend brings us that much closer to having to work again.

7. We have to haggle and bargain even with poor people because every penny counts.

giphy (6)

8. We can’t visit any of the seven wonders of the world without thousands of other travelers ruining the perfect picture.

9. We have to walk around with a huge backpack for hours just to find the cheapest hostel.

10. We have to watch our favourite movies and shows on our phone with headphones on.

11. We have to eat rice or pasta more often than we care to.

12. We have to bring toilet paper everywhere we go because finding toilets with paper is considered luxury.

13. We have to learn something new all the time… and here we thought we graduated from school already.

14. We constantly have to listen to people tell us how lucky we are… when clearly you know how unlucky we are!!

15. We are constantly getting scammed by people who think of us as walking money bags.


16. We can never be sure about our food because each bite could lead to food poisoning.

17. We have to take ten hour bus rides to the next town because flying would cost an extra $30.

18. We have the same conversation over and over again. Oh, what did you say your favorite country was?

19. We have to carry our life on our backs.


20. We have to take cold showers and can’t flush our poopy toilet paper down the toilet.

21. We have to learn new languages because English is not really a universal language.

22. We have to travel to different countries just to find happiness.


23. And of course, the main reason we are unlucky is because being lucky would mean we didn’t choose this life of travel, it chose us!


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14 Moments Every Backpacker Experiences

Our remake on matardornetwork’s original.

1. When you find the fare you were going to book just went up

2. When someone questions your travel motives

3. When you find yourself on a 20-hour bus ride

4. Being told the next place you’re going is overrated

5. Discovering your travel crush from a few weeks ago is staying at your hostel

6. Being too hungover to leave the hostel

7. When the hostel has free breakfast

8. When you can’t figure out the foreign computer at the hostel

9. When you’re very optimistic arriving at a new place, only to find out it’s not what you expected

10. When the person in your dorm talks too much

11. When you try to convince another traveller to go to the last place you visited

12. Thinking you’ll be able to make it out after drinking in the common room all day

13. When you missed the last bus out of town and you’re stranded for three days

14. When you’re almost out of money, but you still have three weeks of travel left

5 Ridiculous Reasons to get Travel Insurance

1. Broken Penis


A backpacker was about to have sex when his frenulum split near the base. He needed a frenulectomy to fix the damage. All costs were paid for.

2. Falling Coconuts


A traveller was in Sri Lanka when a coconut fell and hit her head while she was reading. She probably could have picked a better spot to sit but luckily her insurer covered all medical expenses.

3. Thieving Monkeys


A couple on holiday in Malaysia went back to their lodge to discover they’d been robbed by  monkeys. All their clothes and valuables were scattered in the nearby forest. Unbelievably the insurance company paid for the valuables they couldn’t find.

4. Not-so Smooth Backpacker


A young traveller was distracted by a group of women in bikinis. He walked into a bus shelter and broke his nose. What an absolute twat. Let’s just hope they were Swedish super models.

5. Camel Kick


There are about 750,000 Camels roam free in the outback and one of them just so happened to kick the door of a travellers car door denting it. The insurance company had to pay when he produced video evidence.

6. Absolute Legend


A touch unrelated but this story was too good not to add to this list. A lawyer bought some cigars and insured them against all catastrophes. Floods, storms, and of course fires. Months later he filed a claim saying they’d disappeared in a series of “small fires”. The company that insured them correctly assumed he’d smoked them and told him to go away. The company was forced to pay up after the judge ruled in favour of the lawyer as the size of fire was not specified in the contract.

Backpackr has now teamed up with World Nomads to bring you cheap Travel Insurance. Get a free quote now.

Man Drunkenly Dances Around Europe

A drunken intention turned out to be the best experience of a man’s life after he travelled around the world getting drunk and dancing. Josh Stevenson, 20 woke up after a night of drinking to find he had booked a one way flight to Paris.

“I had absolutely no memory of doing it because I was drunk, but I thought hey! this is going to be fucking awesome” he said.

After arriving in Paris he got straight back on the booze and asked a random on the street to film him dancing in front of the Eiffel Tower.


‘It was at this point I thought hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I get drunk and dance all around Europe and get people to video it?’ he said.


‘I even got other people to join in! I was pretty hammered the whole time, but that’s travelling isn’t it?’ he said.


‘I took it to the next level and decided to go to other places other than Europe as well. I got arrested in Costa Rica for being a public nuisance and dancing like an idiot’ he said.



‘In the end I decided that I would actually make the video a little more serious and try and inspire more people to travel’ Josh said.

13 Signs You’ve Been Backpacking for too Long

1. You don’t have a clue what day of the week it is, nor do you care.


2. The majority of your friends were met through your travels.


3. Because of this you have somewhere to stay in almost every Country you visit.


4. Staying put for more than a few days makes you antsy.


5. You really need a shave. That includes you too ladies.


6. You’re no longer aware of your body odor and probably need a shower too.


7. You’ve lost your accent.


8. You’ve lost count of how many times you’ve washed your clothes in the sink.


9. You’re an expert at finding the best deals.


10. You don’t even know where home is anymore.


11. People always reach out to you asking where you are.


12. It feels like you’ve seen your family on Skype more than in real life.

backpacker skyping

13. ‘Backpacking for too long’ is not possible in your eyes.


What is your backpacker personality? (Quiz)

You asked for it, so we made it! Remember not to take this too seriously it’s just for a bit of fun. Let your friends know what you are and find out what they get too… Are you a nomadic slut? A true nomad? A flash-packer? A broke back-packer? A travel princess? A mummy’s boy? You may even be a stay at home mum! Enjoy.

Travelling soon and need to exchange money? Don’t forget to Czech our detailed article on how to save money here.

The 7 Most Irritating People to Share a Dorm With

When you’re traveling solo there’s no better way to do it than staying in dorms. Not only is it usually the cheapest option, but its great for meeting fellow travellers. Chances are the guys and girls sleeping to your left and right are going to end up joining you for drinks, sightseeing and hopefully onward travel. They may even become some of your closest friends.

But every now and then you will meet someone who has become a little jaded by the whole idea of sharing their personal space with a group of strangers. Who look on dorms with complete disdain, and will only resort to them when there is no other option (I’m pretty much talking about myself here).

But don’t judge, for they have probably just had too many sleepless nights at the hands of bad dorm mates. You see, there are some people that don’t quite get the ‘etiquette’ of sleeping in a dorm. We’ve all come across them at some point in our travels, and have maybe even committed some of their misdemeanours in the past ourselves.

I’ve picked out some of the worst offenders in the hope that maybe, by raising awareness of this issue, more people will be conscious of it, will not stand for this behaviour any longer and will acknowledge it in themselves and be more considerate in the future. This will help us all have a better nights sleep, a better travel experience and all become best friends. YAY.

The Chatty Cathy’s

It’s midnight. You’ve a flight first thing in the morning. And the two German girls in the bunks next to you have decided this is the best time to dissect the various goings on back in Berlin. Or something like that. And as they are in separate beds, this must be done at full volume, because its not like there’s a dorm full of people who would rather sleep than listen to them harp on.

I don’t want to offend any female travellers by singling you lot out for this but lets be honest, its rare you’ll find two guys talking deep into the night. Generally our conversations are too simple to get that much mileage out of them. Which is why you’ll often find us sat next to one another in silence, for long periods of time, well aware that the other guy can’t think of anything to say either.

The Hard of Hearing

I myself am quite fond of slowly dozing off to sleep with some music or an easy movie. But a good habit is to pull your headphones away from your ears, if you can still hear the music perfectly from a few inches away, you’re probably listening to your music too loud. Not only is this very bad for your hearing, but it’s going to serious piss off they guy in the bunk below you.

We’ve all had to sit next to that one guy on the bus who just loves rave music so much, they want to share it with the whole bus. Now imagine that when you’re trying to get to sleep. Not cool. Or maybe you’re watching the newest Michael Bay explosion marathon. In a pitch black dorm, those explosions are going to travel pretty far. Maybe put up a blanket and let everyone else enjoy their sleepy time.

The Love Birds

Young love is a beautiful thing indeed. And there’s nothing quite like the sight of two backpackers who have come from opposite sides of the world, and found their soul mate at a hostel in the middle of Central America. Until they start sharing a single bed in your dorm. And spend every night whispering sweet nothings into one another’s ears. For hours. On. End.

And of course all that whispering and giggling and cuddling can only satisfy for so long, before one, or both, of you start looking for a little more. And so it quickly goes from irritatingly cute to downright sleazy and awkward.

The Unprepared Early Riser

We’ve all had to get up a stupid hour of night to catch or bus or flight to our next destination. It’s a pain, but its all part of the traveling experience. It helps of course if you’ve packed the night before so you can sneak straight out, silently, like a thieve in the night. Or, you could wait until 5am to pack your bag. Which will require turning on the light. Or at the very least, frantically waving your iPhone about while you look for your luggage in the dark. And thus waking everyone within a two bed radius for the duration of your packing.

And while you will probably never meet these people again, they will remember you for years as girl that spent an hour looking for her underwear at 5am in the morning. Well, maybe not years but at least for a few days.

The Big Entrance

The opposite of the Unprepared Early Riser, this particular hero decides that turning up at a dorm 3am and turning on all the lights is gonna be absolutely cool with everyone who’s called it a night. Because, who doesn’t love been woken in the middle of the night by a bright fluorescent light shining in your face.

Once the lights have been turned on and all but the deepest sleepers are well and truly awake, you will probably be treated to numerous additional trips in and out of the room as the culprit takes 5 trips to the bathroom to finally complete his nightly pre-bedtime ritual. And you know he’ll be the first one up in the morning, fresh as a daisy and oblivious to how much you all hate him.

The Over Enthusiastic Newbie

You’ve just arrived in Bangkok after 30 hrs on a bus, with maybe 2 hours sleep in that whole time. You smell. You’re cranky. You hate everyone, including yourself. And you just want to sleep.

And then you meet your neighbour: he’s 19 from London, he’s never even left home before and he’s just started his gap year trip around the world. But most importantly he wants to be best friends with just about EVERYONE he meets and wants to know your WHOLE life story. You immediately want to punch him in the face.

This is of course a bit harsh, and it can be great having someone who is still enthusiastic about travel around to get you buzzed about it all again. But there’s a time and a place for such a full on introduction. Maybe at the hostel bar downstairs. Or the common area. But not when you’ve been wearing the same underwear for two days straight and have been surviving purely on Oreos and cigarettes.

The Drunk

Basically a combination of all of the above, but a whole lot more unpredictable. And the added risk of bodily fluids. The hostel drunk will be your greatest friend/source of entertainment during your stay, but no one wants to sleep next to him/her. And especially not in the bunk below.

So whats the solution?

A swift kick in the face? No? Okay. I usually find the nicely nicely approach works out better for all parties. Most people who perpetrate these crimes against decency do so not out of malice but naivety. And they’re usually pretty decent people. After all you can’t blame two new lovebirds wanting to fully embrace their time together.

So maybe a gentle tap on the shoulder, please and thank you. Or an obvious clearing of the throat from across the room. And if all else fails, a swift kick in the face.

18 Things Every Backpacker Wants for Christmas

While most backpackers tend to shun materialistic possessions and prefer life changing experiences around the world instead, who’s to say we can’t enjoy a gift once in a while?

1. A Worldwide Travel SIM Card

Although this is more geared towards the flashpacker, there is nothing worse than struggling to find a shitty wifi connection in a city you’ve never been before. Fit this international SIM card into your mobile phone and you can stay in touch in over 195 countries world wide.

2. A Backpack

Pretty obvious, but you can’t backpack the world without a good, reliable backpack. This will be extra useful in case something like this happens:


3. Booze

Alcohol is always a great gift idea; of course not to take with them travelling, but to remind them of their good old backpacking days:


4. A GoPro

Every backpacker wants one of these bad boys, you know, so you can show all your friends on Facebook how much more fun you’re having than them. Now watch how cool I am jumping off this cliff:


5. A Decent Wifi Connection for Fucks Sake!

It would be great to Skype your family on Christmas without having it disconnect every 5 seconds on some shitty hostel wifi.


6. Airline Gift Certificates

Many airlines now offer travel gift certificates, ranging as low as $10 to as much as $1,000. Most of the cards never expire, unless the airline does, or you do.

Here are a few gift cards available online: Air Canada; Southwest; Alaskan.


7. A Travel Journal

A gift more suited for girls, there are some great travel journals out there for planning trips or to look back on in the future. The I Was Here journal includes plenty of space to capture addresses, itineraries, reviews, and tips from locals; a reference section with time zones, measurements; graphic pages for note taking; and a back pocket for collecting ephemera.

8. Foreign Currency

This is great for backpackers that are about to leave home, still in the planning stage. Nothing gets you more excited to travel than a big wad of foreign moola! If you feel like going the easy route, you can read about how to do it online here for free.


9. A Van to Roadtrip the Country

If you’re planning on backpacking your country instead of the world, then a good old van will do!


10. Socks and Underwear

Cause I can’t be bothered to wash my clothes until I get back home. Clean socks and underwear will be a nice change from those soiled rags you call underwear.

11. Scratch off World Map

What better way to keep track of your travels and reminisce than to scratch off everywhere you’ve been with a scratch off world map.


12. An Adventure You’ll Never Forget

This is priceless and something that can’t be bought or given, only experienced.


13. A Dog to Carry Around Your Luggage

Probably not going to happen, but it’s worth a shot to ask Santa for it.


14. International Power Adapter

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a hostel after a long plane ride only to find that you cannot charge your electronics because the wall socket isn’t compatible with your charger. This can easily be solved with a small and inexpensive adapter.


15. Travel Insurance

Something you really don’t want to pay for but you need it to give your parents peace of mind while you’re away. We have now teamed up with World Nomads to bring you cheap Backpacker Travel Insurance. Get a free quote now.

16. Ear Plugs

Any backpacker will tell you they wished they had earplugs while trying to get some rest when that asshole above you is snoring all night in your hostel dorm.

17. Swiss Card

What the hell is a SwissCard? It’s like a swiss army knife, but in card form.

18. A Ticket to Anywhere



13 Types of People You’ll Meet at a Hostel

1. The Lonely Planet Know it All

Typically American, they love telling anybody who will listen about the best local restaurant in town, not knowing that it closed 2 years ago just after the guide was published.

Img: Flickr

2. The Aussie

If you want to know where the cheapest places to drink / party are ignore the lonely planet guru, this is your guy.  It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, you will always find one. If there’s a hostel, there’s an Aussie. You might start getting excited that there’s none around but when you’re least expecting it he’ll pop out of nowhere, usually accompanied by a sack of goon.


3. The Stoner

Never leaves except for food. He is generally found asleep in his dorm room but on rare occasions can be sighted in the common room watching TV.  Don’t ask him about attractions in the area, he has no idea that he has left his home country.

Img: Flickr

4. The Homeless Guy

Usually an older man who may or may not be paying to stay in the hostel. His backpacking days are long gone after he ran out of money, but he still wants to hold on to the good times.

Img: Flickr

5. The Snorer

If you didn’t have a good nights sleep odds are he did. They’re always the first to fall asleep, making you wish you’d brought earplugs.

Img: Flickr

6. The Hostel Rat

He travels halfway around the world to sit in the common room watching the latest episode of the Walking Dead, reading a book or surfing the web. In his spare time when he’s not on his laptop, he’s eating, shitting, sleeping or planning which hostel he’s going to sit on his ass in next.

A room full of hostel rats.

7. The Backpacker Virgin

It’s their first time travelling the world. They have a brand new backpack, guides and everything they assumes a backpacker will need. Very eager and anxious to start exploring the city and begin their adventure. They will ask you tons of questions, including if you want to join them. Part of you envies them, reminding you of the early days when you first started out on your backpacking adventure.

Img: Flickr

8. The White Guy With Dreadlocks

There is always one. Has many stories to tell and professes to know everything about the local area. His arrogance and self-righteousness overpowers the stench of his unwashed dreads.


9. The One Who Lives in the Hostel

Not to be confused with the homeless guy, this one usually works nearby or has a decent income yet chooses to live in a hostel for social reasons.

Img: La Menesunda Hostel

10. The 45 Year Old Who Thinks He’s 25

Usually a raging alcoholic whose wife recently left him, throwing him into a mid-life crisis. He’s been backpacking ever since she left, awkwardly trying to fit in and party with 20 something’s while trying to find his place in life.

Img: Flickr

11. The Solitary Asian

He doesn’t speak a word other than “Hi” or “Hello”, disappears for the day, is asleep absurdly early and leaves no trace whatsoever so you’re not sure if he was really there or not at all…


12. The Couchsurfer

He failed to find a couch, so he spends all day at the hostel sending couch requests and drinking his herbal tea. He feels as though he’s been raped every time he needs to pay for accommodation.



13. The Guy Who Travels Only to Get Laid

He’s not here for the sights or the food, he’s here to get a piece of local ass. You’ll see him constantly on dating websites and swiping through Tinder, and in his backpack are many fancy shirts to go clubbing and he’s got a local phone so he can text the girls. If you need a condom he brought the great value package of the good ones from back home! Usually stays in a private room, so he can be alone with his local mistress. He typically cannot get laid back home.

Img: Flickr

10 Reasons to Travel NOW

1. You only live once

Stop saying tomorrow. You could die tomorrow. So make it a good one.

2. Nothing at home changes

I’ve been backpacking on and off for 5 years. Every time I come home it’s the same old shit.

3. Your life will become more exciting

travis on Make A Gif
Starting the day you leave you’ll notice a massive difference

4. Create amazing stories for yourself

Ever sat there and listened to how great someone’s story is? Were you envious? even jealous? Travel for a month and you’ll never be the one sitting in awe.

5. Learn to be self sufficient

the simpsons animated GIF
Wait until you’re in a situation you don’t think you’ll ever get out of. Once you overcome the fear of what could happen you’ll finally realise that it’s in your power to overcome the worst of any situation.

6. You’ll find yourself

“If you travel far enough you’ll meet yourself”.

7. Make amazing friends

No offence but more often than not there are more and better friends out there than those you’ve known your whole life.

8. Experience different culture

pr0G13 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
Good-luck if you’re trying to get on this train in Japan though!

9. See things you didn’t know existed

Did you know you can go to a pitch black restaurant and your waiter is blind? Did you know that you can even be served sushi by a robot in Japan? Did you know…

10. You’ll have a different outlook on life forever

You will never look at things the same. You will always crave a more fulfilling and adventurous life.

This 90 Year Old Grandma Will Kick Your Ass at Backpacking

Meet Mary Lou Mahaney, a 90-year-old retiree from Silver Spring, Maryland, who is probably the coolest grandma ever.

She’s travelled to every continent and visited over 100 countries. She’s also done some seriously adventurous things.

Chugging wine directly from the bottle because they were taking forever to bring her a glass – Germany, 2014

“I’ve gone ATVing in the jungles of Africa, luging in New Zealand, hot air ballooning in Australia, climbed the Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan, parasailed in Greece and ridden a horse bareback in Argentina,”


She says she started her travel conquest at age 72, when she lost her husband. “He wasn’t a big traveler so we barely ever traveled,” Mahaney said. “But after his passing I decided that I had to see the world.”

In a manwich, before performing a traditional dance with locals – Panama, 2011

Despite pushing a hundred, Mahaney finds new inspiration for traveling all the time. “I just wake up every morning, loving life to the fullest,” she said. “I find it fascinating to see places of historical importance with my own eyes.”

No big deal, just playing with some lions – Botswana, 2010

And she isn’t stopping any time soon. In fact, she’s already planning her next adventures. “I’m headed on a cruise to the Caribbean where I plan on going zip-lining and then I’m off to explore Burma for a bit.”

Showing everyone her carving skills – Argentina, 2012


Via: Buzzfeed

18 Funny Signs Found in Hostels Around the World


American Backpackers Hostel in Vancouver

If you plan on visiting, don’t forget a photo of your mother.


Brasov, Romania


Taos, New Mexico

Eat 2 cats – get one free!


Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania



Where am I supposed to keep my tuna salad then?


Open to all jews!


Not this one though:


Or this:








Asylum Cairns Hostel, Australia

Asylym Cairns

Dunedin, New Zealand


Well thanks for the warning at least. On a dorm room door.

oMe8E (1)

This must be in Australia


La Brisa Loca, in Santa Marta, Colombia

Was it Mike Rowe doing another “Dirty Job?”


No pool for you. Period.


Athens, Greece

As if I would ever let anyone borrow my Twighlight books. pshh…


Backpackers Drink 400L of ‘Goon’. What Happened Next Was Pure Genius

A blast from the past. This story makes me really thirsty.

During a year long working holiday in Oz my buddies and I discovered the delights of Fruity Lexi, or to call it by its much more common name, the holy sack of Goon.

Who knew that by combining fish extract, milk and a load of other random stuff you could produce such a fantastic product. And the fact that it comes in a ready made pillow to pass out on once consumed…well that’s just super considerate of them. As you do, we never threw away any of our goon bags and had a collection of hundreds in our Sydney apartment.

After 6 months we were due to leave Sydney and wanted to put the sacks to good use. The idea we came up with was pure genius: lets build a raft. We took all of the goon bags down to Bondi Beach, plus a couple fresh boxes to make the day a bit more interesting, and a shit load of duct tape. We recruited a bit of help from fellow backpackers on the beach and blew up at least 100 of these bags, then taped them all together.

Now the raft wasn’t going to win any design awards for sure, but believe it or not it actually floated and could carry 3 people at a time. It was sort of like a huge limo. We launched it into the water and with a bit of help and despite protests from the life guards, got it out into the the ocean.

We then spent 4 hours drinking goon, on our goon raft, singing pirate songs and having banter with the surfers. Occasionally we’d come to shore and rotate the passengers to give the randoms who had helped us a ride. Epic day. Ended up with a huge goon party on the beach with easily 25 backpackers from all over.

Not wanting to throw it away we drew quite a few looks on the bus carrying it back home, still singing pirate songs and drinking goon straight out of the bag. Fruity Lexia, I love you.

Via Confessions of a Backpacker

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