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Travelling overseas is always going to be a little nerve-wracking, so it stands to reason you might want to make the journey with a friend. That aside, some places naturally lend themselves to companionship owing to their spooky or even mystical atmosphere. Here are eight places you should definitely not visit alone.

The Catacombs – France

Ms Mojo Risin
Ms Mojo Risin

The Paris catacombs run for miles under the city – with large sections of the monstrous caverns still yet to be fully explored or mapped out.

The ghoulish burial ground showcases walls quite literally held together with fragments of human bone in tunnels which have seen people go missing countless times across the past couple of centuries – most recently in 2015.

You should never take a journey into the catacombs without a trained guide alongside you anyway – but, even if you are with one, also take a friend along for comfort. The catacombs may well be the creepiest things in France.

Island of Dolls – Mexico

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

If you’re anything like me, you probably won’t like dolls even at the best of times (there’s just something about their almost-human figure and look which freaks the heck out of me), but that’s nothing compared to the eerie Island of Dolls in Mexico.

Even the story behind this bizarre phenomenon will send a chill down your spine. Rumour has it a young girl drowned when playing in the water, with her spirit coming back to haunt a loner who later inhabited the island.

After mysterious dolls began washing up on shore he began attach them to a tree – before collecting more to help ward off evil spirits. Whether you believe it or not, the island is now full of dolls and certainly shouldn’t be visited alone.

Leap Castle – Ireland


This 15th century castle might not be as old as some others in Britain, but it more than makes up for that by being “home to some of the most brutal savagery in Ireland’s blood-soaked history.”

The fort is commonly perceived as being one of the most haunted castles in the whole of the UK, with continual ghost sightings and even a regular apparition known as the ‘Elemental’.

Naturally, only the seriously brave of heart can traverse this location alone, with iTrek naming it in their top three frightening and bizarre world attractions.

Aokigahara Forest – Japan

This spooky woodland area doesn’t stand out much purely from an aesthetic point of view, with there being nothing in particular about the Aokigahara Forest to write home about.
However, when you look into its history you’ll start to see why it’s probably a good idea not to travel there without a friend.
For whatever reason, the location has become a hotspot for people committing suicide – with bodies found hanging by trees regularly every year (one 12-month period saw 70 deaths).
The vastness of the forest also means bodies aren’t always found straight away – making for interesting viewing for unfortunate hikers.

The Door to Hell – Turkmenistan

Christopher Doring
Christopher Doring

While this one sounds like the scariest place on our list, the ironic reality is it’s probably one of the least supernaturally spooky – with the adventure here coming in the form of a man-made error.

The ‘door’ was created after an oil-mining spot collapsed and began to release methane gas. The Soviets decided to burn the area to try and eat up all the gas, with the expectation being it would take just a few weeks.

It’s now been 45 years and it’s still burning bright – with the large cavern giving off the illusion of Hell itself sitting below the earth.

Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital Parma – Italy

That title probably explains why this location earns a spot on our list. Let’s face it – psychiatric hospitals (another term for a mental asylum) aren’t exactly the most welcoming of places.

This spot in Parma, Italy, is certainly no exception to the rule – with the building now entering into a state of decay which only serves to ramp up the spook-factor.

Artist Herbert Baglione has added to the creepiness as well, with ethereal images painted onto the walls. Are former patients still roaming the floors? Don’t find out without a friend on hand.

Hoia Baciu Forest – Romania

Occult World
Occult World

This forest in Romania has been referred to on more than one occasion as their very own ‘Bermuda Triangle’, with mysterious goings-on occurring when someone enters the wood alone.

Locals are said to enter Hoia Baciu and re-emerge with unexplainable illnesses and injuries. Despite this, tourist boards have begun running trips through the area – with intrigue in the spot currently peaked.

Make sure you’re with someone familiar when you do venture into these spooky woodlands…who knows what might leap out at you.

Kabayan Mummies – Philippines

The “Fire Mummies” of Kabaya date back roughly 4000 years, and are one of the more fascinating insights we have to early societal life in Asia.

Today, you’ll find these corpses located within a series of caves – which take roughly 10 hours to travel to from the nearest town.

Unlike Egyptian mummies, these specimens were effectively preserved by cooking them over a fire, before being stuff in a foetal position inside a casket.
There you have it, eight of the scariest places you should definitely be visiting with a travel buddy. If you have a thing for the macabre, any of these locations will definitely appeal to your sense of excitement.


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