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It’s no secret that Las Vegas has a reputation for being an expensive place to visit. Considering the city’s massive gaming and entertainment industry, there’s definitely some truth to this assumption. In fact, Statista reported in this article that in 2017, $130.48 was the average daily room rate in Las Vegas, up from $125.96 in 2016.

However, you don’t really need to spend a fortune to get a taste of the Vegas lifestyle. Why not take the path less traveled and go on a budget-friendly adventure in sin city? The best way to start planning this adventure is to book a room in one of Vegas’ many affordable hostels.

1. Hostel Cat

Hostel Cat

Only dorm rooms are available here, with as few as six and as many as eight people in one room at around $25 per guest. As an added bonus, Hostel Cat does an event called Stratosphere Bar every Wednesday. For another $20, you get to drink at the hostel’s special bar at the top where they serve some surprisingly strong mojitos.

2. Las Vegas Hostel

Las Vegas Hostel

The dorm rooms here are slightly cheaper, starting at $20 per person. A single private room will cost you around $60. For the low prices, Las Vegas Hostel comes with small, but modern hotel-like accommodations. They also have a pool and an outdoor gym.

3. Shalimar Hotel

Shalimar Hotel

The slightly more upscale Shalimar offers private rooms from $45 to around $70 per night. Its large, traditionally decorated rooms come with private balconies. They also have a swimming pool, bar, and a restaurant if you don’t feel like going to the Strip. But if you do, Shalimar is located right at the entrance to downtown Vegas, so you won’t need to spend much to get around.

4. Sin City Hostel

Sin City Hostel

Image credit: https://www.facebook.com/sincityhostel/

Because it’s located right on Las Vegas Boulevard, you won’t mind the fact that Sin City Hostel only offers shared dorm rooms. Prices start at around $25 and don’t go past $30. Since you’re already on the famed Vegas Strip, you’ll also save on taxi/Uber costs if you want to visit the local attractions. You might also want to bring good earplugs if you’re staying in a shared room, as Gap Year advises in a first timer’s guide to hostels.

5. Travelers Bed & Breakfast

Travellers Bed and Breakfast

Private rooms at this bed & breakfast range from $60 to $70 per night. While past hotel guests report that the place doesn’t actually serve breakfast, they also say that the accommodations are nice and clean. Only book this hostel if you don’t mind shared bathrooms, though.

6. Tod Motor Motel

Tod Motor Hotel

At around $20 per night, the dorm rooms at the delightfully vintage Tod Motor Motel come with their own bathroom and kitchen area. This means that you can just buy food at any of the nearby groceries and cook your own food at the motel. The accommodations are far from perfect, but it’s cheap, and it’s already on the Strip.

7. Bridger Inn Hotel

Bridger Inn Hote

The rooms are a little steep at around $70 but the bathrooms are really nice. The place is located right in the middle of the city, and they even offer room service! That being said, it’s not technically a hostel, but the Bridger Inn is popular with backpackers who want some privacy and quiet time in between wild Vegas nights.

Even if you’re not staying at the fanciest hotels, you can still get the Vegas experience by staying in cheap hostels that are just as near the action. As Party Poker’s Kings of Vegas article explains, the city’s retro-modern sights, sounds, and adventures cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world. You’re bound to feel the electric atmosphere wherever you stay, which heightens once you step inside one of Sin City’s 70 casinos. And if you can save money by picking a good, cheap hostel as the base of your Vegas adventures, you’ll have more money to spend on seeing what else the city of sin has to offer.


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