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Steve and Sabina from Sunsettravellers.com spent the bones of two years backpacking and working in Australia.

‘We saw some amazing things and learnt a lot about the backpacking around Australia. We were also
on a two-year working holiday visa(once we completed our dreaded regional work), meaning we
could work for a few months and travel.’

Here are 17 things you learn(or will learn) backpacking around Australia

1. Bring lots of money – Unlike many parts of Asia, Australia is super expensive for everything.
Accommodation, transport, petrol, booze(well depending if you invest in some Goon) and all
the other finer details. If you budget is $2000 for a trip, try and stick to that but have $1000+
for emergencies. You will probably need it, especially in Australia.

2. Sometimes flights can be cheaper than buses – Greyhound buses are fantastic for getting
you around Australia but often domestic airlines have deals on to get you from A-B in 2
hours instead of 20 hours. You save time and money.

3. Don’t pay full prices for activities – Going through a local travel agent can save you a
fortune on activities. Sites like BookMe, Groupon and, of course, Backpackr have incredible
deals, just be sure to look around before booking anything.

4. Do a campervan relocation – You might have heard rumours that you can rent a brand new
campervan for only $1 a day. This is true! We did it from Sydney to Darwin in six berth
camper. There are a few things to keep in mind, and we recommend a shorter route Sydney
– Brisbane for example. This article gave us a lot of info before our trip

5. Road trips are fricken awesome – If you backpack around Australia please oh please do a
road trip! We did our first one from Perth to Melbourne over 2-3 weeks and saw some of
the most amazing sights. We documented our road trip from Perth to Melbourne

6. Be careful – National parks are huge! Recently two backpackers attacked while camping in
South Australia have sparked concern about how safe backpacking in Australia is (story here). Always remember to report your location, plan ahead, come prepared and know where to camp

7. Use Hostel Membership – Hostelling International memberships cost $25 a year and shave a
few dollars off your hostel stay each night.

8. Talk to locals – When you do get to a new area, locals will always know more about what to
see and some secret spots. If you can try to chat with the locals

9. Wear Sunscreen – Sounds so obvious and many are frowning at this point. The sun is a lot
harsher in Australia. Spend an hour on a beach with no sunscreen in summer and you are
just asking for trouble.

10. Be Flexible – You will meet some amazing people while backpacking around Australia and
there is nothing worse than having pre-booked flights, accommodation and tours. The more
flexible you are, the more you will enjoy backpacking around Australia.

11. Get travel insurance – Please do get some travel insurance before you go backpacking. Yes,
it is an additional cost, and it’s a pain to get but much better to be safe than sorry. $100 is
cheaper than a hospital bill

12. Try new things – Australia has endless outdoor activities everything from sky-diving to
swimming with whale sharks. While these are certainly not cheap, I promise you won’t
regret it.

13. Be present on your travels – It can be so easy to look forward to the next destination that
you don’t appreciate where you are and what you are doing. Before you know it you will be
back in Europe wishing you were back in a warm sandy beach watching the sunset.

14. Get an Australian bank account – If you are on a working holiday visa be sure to get a bank
account as you will very quickly rack up interest and charges on your non-Australian bank
account. We used Commonwealth Bank travelling around Australia

15. Spend more time in fewer locations – Australia has some of the most amazing beaches we
have ever seen. It can be easy to get carried away trying to visit everything. Over the course
of two years, we managed to see an LOT of Australia but wish we had spent more time in
fewer places.

16. Get the right gear and back up data – Invest in a decent camera, it will make the difference
when backpacking around Australia. We took some amazing shots around in Australia, check
out some on our Instagram. Nothing is worse than a laptop, GoPro or Camera breaking and not having everything backed up. Invest in a
good hard drive and try to back up at least once a month.

17. Spend the money and take photos – Lastly backpacking around Australia is by far one of the
most expensive backpacking we have ever done and likely you will too. We took like 10K+
photos over the two years backpacking and working in Australia but looking through them
we missed a ton of places! So always remember take as many pictures as you can and enjoy
your trip!

Hope the above gives you a bit of insight into backpacking around Australia. It was one of the most
incredible experiences of our lives and have documented a lot of our travel on our

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knew before moving to Australia.
Have you ever backpacked around Australia? What was your experience, comment below:


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