18 Things Every Backpacker Wants for Christmas 0 773

While most backpackers tend to shun materialistic possessions and prefer life changing experiences around the world instead, who’s to say we can’t enjoy a gift once in a while?

1. A Worldwide Travel SIM Card

Although this is more geared towards the flashpacker, there is nothing worse than struggling to find a shitty wifi connection in a city you’ve never been before. Fit this international SIM card into your mobile phone and you can stay in touch in over 195 countries world wide.

2. A Backpack

Pretty obvious, but you can’t backpack the world without a good, reliable backpack. This will be extra useful in case something like this happens:


3. Booze

Alcohol is always a great gift idea; of course not to take with them travelling, but to remind them of their good old backpacking days:


4. A GoPro

Every backpacker wants one of these bad boys, you know, so you can show all your friends on Facebook how much more fun you’re having than them. Now watch how cool I am jumping off this cliff:


5. A Decent Wifi Connection for Fucks Sake!

It would be great to Skype your family on Christmas without having it disconnect every 5 seconds on some shitty hostel wifi.


6. Airline Gift Certificates

Many airlines now offer travel gift certificates, ranging as low as $10 to as much as $1,000. Most of the cards never expire, unless the airline does, or you do.

Here are a few gift cards available online: Air Canada; Southwest; Alaskan.


7. A Travel Journal

A gift more suited for girls, there are some great travel journals out there for planning trips or to look back on in the future. The I Was Here journal includes plenty of space to capture addresses, itineraries, reviews, and tips from locals; a reference section with time zones, measurements; graphic pages for note taking; and a back pocket for collecting ephemera.

8. Foreign Currency

This is great for backpackers that are about to leave home, still in the planning stage. Nothing gets you more excited to travel than a big wad of foreign moola! If you feel like going the easy route, you can read about how to do it online here for free.


9. A Van to Roadtrip the Country

If you’re planning on backpacking your country instead of the world, then a good old van will do!


10. Socks and Underwear

Cause I can’t be bothered to wash my clothes until I get back home. Clean socks and underwear will be a nice change from those soiled rags you call underwear.

11. Scratch off World Map

What better way to keep track of your travels and reminisce than to scratch off everywhere you’ve been with a scratch off world map.


12. An Adventure You’ll Never Forget

This is priceless and something that can’t be bought or given, only experienced.


13. A Dog to Carry Around Your Luggage

Probably not going to happen, but it’s worth a shot to ask Santa for it.


14. International Power Adapter

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a hostel after a long plane ride only to find that you cannot charge your electronics because the wall socket isn’t compatible with your charger. This can easily be solved with a small and inexpensive adapter.


15. Travel Insurance

Something you really don’t want to pay for but you need it to give your parents peace of mind while you’re away. We have now teamed up with World Nomads to bring you cheap Backpacker Travel Insurance. Get a free quote now.

16. Ear Plugs

Any backpacker will tell you they wished they had earplugs while trying to get some rest when that asshole above you is snoring all night in your hostel dorm.

17. Swiss Card

What the hell is a SwissCard? It’s like a swiss army knife, but in card form.

18. A Ticket to Anywhere



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