14 Moments Every Backpacker Experiences 0 627

Our remake on matardornetwork’s original.

1. When you find the fare you were going to book just went up

2. When someone questions your travel motives

3. When you find yourself on a 20-hour bus ride

4. Being told the next place you’re going is overrated

5. Discovering your travel crush from a few weeks ago is staying at your hostel

6. Being too hungover to leave the hostel

7. When the hostel has free breakfast

8. When you can’t figure out the foreign computer at the hostel

9. When you’re very optimistic arriving at a new place, only to find out it’s not what you expected

10. When the person in your dorm talks too much

11. When you try to convince another traveller to go to the last place you visited

12. Thinking you’ll be able to make it out after drinking in the common room all day

13. When you missed the last bus out of town and you’re stranded for three days

14. When you’re almost out of money, but you still have three weeks of travel left


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Matt quit his job at the age of 19 to travel the world. He has now been to 38 Countries and still has a strong passion for anything to do with backpacking.

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