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We know you’re as cheap as us when it comes to travel, so we’ve rounded up 11 cheap countries that will stretch your dollar to the limit without having to make many sacrifices.

1. Nepal

Goikmitl / Getty Images

With the recent devastating earthquake back in April 2015, Nepal is still very much open for tourism, and prices are even cheaper now, perfect for a broke backpacker such as yourself!  Regarded as one of the cheapest countries in the world to travel to, A decent cheap meal costs around 150 rupees (around $1). Find out more Nepalese prices here.

2. Cambodia

Skouatroulio / Getty Images

Known mainly for Angkor Wat and a cheap place to get sloshed, there are other things to do besides that. You can hit up some of it’s lesser known beaches and go for some cheap diving — and it’s all so affordable. Find out how dirty cheap everything is here. A meal in a restaurant is rarely over $5, and beer starts at a mouthwatering 25 cents.

3. Indonesia

Witthaya / Getty Images

One of the largest countries in the world with so much diversity, there is so much to see in this beautiful country, with the majority of places being dirt cheap as long as you stay away from Bali. Check here to find out how much things typically cost there. A large beer costs around 10,000 – 20,000 rupiah and a full dinner costs about 13,500 Indonesian rupiah, or $1!

4. Bulgaria (or anywhere in Eastern Europe)

Flickr: archer10
Flickr: archer10

Most people generally think Europe is alot more expensive than other Southeast Asian countries for example, normally you’d be right — except that Eastern Europe is almost as cheap as Southeast Asia. Bulgaria in particular you can get an entire liter of beer (32 ounces) for $1.50 – that’s cheaper than Thailand!

5. Vietnam

Cristaltran / Getty Images
Cristaltran / Getty Images
Although some of the people may seem a bit strange at first (it’s true), Vietnam is simply a stunning country. Whether you’re going on a motorbike journey that stretches from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, or just want to chill on the street eating amazing street food, there is something for everyone. Ha Long Bay above, a 600-mile turquoise bay filled with huge limestone islands, is just one of the beautiful attractions. Everything is cheap check out how much you’ll end up paying here. You can get Ban Mhi for 10,000 dong (44 cents) – yes that’s a footlong sandwhich for 44 cents. Not to mention the must try Bia Hoi for 22 cents!

6. Laos

Itman__47 / Getty Images
Itman__47 / Getty Images

Thailand’s little brother Laos, famous for it’s mushroom shakes, beautiful mountains and backpackers dying in Vang Vieng, it has much more to offer than what most backpackers experience such as – uh – Buddhist monasteries! You can get a room for about $10 to $20 a night but a dorm will be much cheaper, street food is around $1. Mushroom shakes will cost you though. Find out more about average travel costs here.

7. Nicaragua

Mikeblue / Getty Images
Mikeblue / Getty Images

An up and coming country for Backpackers, Nicaragua is the new Costa Rica, with beautiful beaches, great surfing and alot cheaper that it’s southern neighbour.. Best to go now before it becomes overcrowded with cheapskates such as your self. The country is known it’s high-adventure outdoor activities, pub crawls, parties and surfing — so do it up on the cheap. You can find dorms for as little as $5 or private room around $10.

8. India

Intek1 / Getty Images
Intek1 / Getty Images

The country everyone either loves or hates. “It’s a beautiful, majestic country,” says one person and it’s “an absolute shithole, couldn’t wait to leave,” says others. It’s for that reason that it’s a cheap destination on our list. Depending on what you’re looking for, you’re sure to have a good time! A plate of hot dhal and rice, for example, can cost around 40 Indian rupees (60 cents!) Train travel is also cheap, you can hop on one and travel around for a few days at a time for only a couple of bucks. Yes you’ll be with 10,000 others cramped into one cart, but it’s still a fun experience. Find out roughly how much other things cost here.

9. China

Lavendertime / Getty Images

A country that’s not on every backpackers list – just stay away from the big cities and you’ll survive. The best thing about China is that it’s easy enough to get around even though it’s one of the bigest countries in the world. The transit system is very cheap — taxis start at around $1. Just stay away from the elevators. Here’s how much you can expect to pay for everything else.

10. Thailand

Masterlu / Getty Images
Masterlu / Getty Images

Although not as dirt cheap as it used to be, Thailand is becoming more modern and caters now to the broke backpackers and high end flashpackers. Most other southeast asian countries are more affordable (except Singapore and Malaysia). Here’s a good guide to what you should expect in the capital Bangkok. Dorms in a big city wll be around 8-10 dollards on average and in the country side more like 6.

11. Guatemala

Soft_light / Getty Images
Soft_light / Getty Images

Another up can coming Central American country, Guatemala known for its gorgeous outdoor landscapes, as well as it’s Mayan Temples. It’s all affordable, too: a good meal, for example, is around $3, and everything else is as budget-friendlyfor your cheap ass.

So go now before it’s too late…



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